Halloween: Twilight Zone and Tarot

Halloween: Twilight Zone and Tarot

halloweenpumpkin-1The Halloween 2013 season is an especially powerful and strange brew of energy! The world has become surreal and it is as though we live in a “twilight zone” of occurrences that bewilder and anger, surprise and shock us and we have been holding on with a death grip to force change or at least stay upright. With planets gathering around one particular degree and a solar eclipse in the mysterious spiritual sign of Scorpio, it is a time to make some changes, release some things (let them die) and watch new beginnings be born and reborn in your life — this is SO Scorpio!!

Here at Healing Universe we want you to free your mind and release your prior attitudes, preconceived notions and ideas as well as your insistence on continuing on the same path. Be open to the new and the as yet unseen. Be open to new and unexpected waysi n which change might occur.

Scorpio (along with Taurus, Leo and Aquarius) are fixed elements and therefore do not change paths or minds very easily. This is a good thing in some situations and a not so good thing in other situations. Collectively, this eclipse in Scorpio is a call to do some changing, to allow situations, people and even yourself, to undergo transformation and change. It is a time to let things die which no longer serve you well (for example, they make you unhappy all the time, and have outlived their usefulness or purpose). Even if you do not know exactly how to undertake this new direction, do not let fear hinder you. It is a time for a new beginning.

To assist you, Healing Universe if offering you a four-day Halloween weekend of “Twilight Zone and Tarot”.



Both Specialwoman and her kindred Tarot reader Jessica Darena will be doing readings. You can call for your phone reading using the call button on this page.

From Thursday October 31, 2013 through Sunday November 3, 2013 you can check in here and watch Twilight Zone episodes with us and call for Tarot readings. Everyone who purchases a 10 minute reading during that time will receive 3 free minutes after their call.

Ask about the things that truly matter:

  • career path and changes
  • relationship insight, decisions and changes
  • finance insight and changes
  • family connections and changes
  • spiritual insights
  • and more!

If you have more than 10 minutes, and your exact birth date informaiton (place, date and time), you can get an astrology consultation to learn where and how this new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio will bring you opportunity to make changes in your life.

So, cozy up with something warm to drink, prepare your specific questions and be ready for a reading with insight and wisdom that can change your life in powerful ways! Prepare your to be open to what you cannot see, what you do not know in the present and what may seem impossible in this present moment, but which will come to pass if you are open to it.

Let Specialwoman and Jessica Darena use the Tarot to bring you transformation. The Twilight Zone is not “out there” — it is within you and can bring tremendous positive changes.



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