Hard Work: August 23, 2016 – Mars-Saturn Conjunction

Hard Work: August 23, 2016 – Mars-Saturn Conjunction

The way it works is simple: faster moving planets trigger changes in relationships and situations and exit the scene; then the slower moving planets undertake the work to be done. This is what will happen August 23 when Mars and Saturn meet in Sagittarius. There is hard work to be done!

This is bringing some intense hot action right now in Sagittarius. Let us step back and review how we are coming to this: 

On August 17, Mars at 6° Sagittarius, began applying to Saturn in a conjunction aspect, within a 3° orb.

This orb heats up any aspect On August 13, Saturn stationed at 9° Sagittarius and will reside there until it moves to 10° Virgo on August 30. Mars will come closer to Saturn until it is sitting on it.  Therefore, this Saturn station is the focal point of the coming Mars-Saturn conjunction. On August 23 the Mars-Saturn conjunction will be exact at 9° Sagittarius. By August 25, Mars will begin separating from the conjunction.

Meanwhile there is another factor to consider.

Social Anxiety and Fearmongering

With Neptune in Pisces we have been living with a lot of individual and collective social anxiety (including an increase in the mental illness called Social Anxiety Disorder). People are so confused and frustrated that they are immobilized and unable to interact healthily with others. People’s minds are in overdrive, filling their bodies and minds with fear. Politicians are playing on people’s fears, making statements that are leaving them in anxiety.

Saturn also introduces fear because we become afraid to reach beyond the limitations being placed on us. We fear going up against the authorities coming down on us with harsh rules and demands. We become afraid to make a move, afraid to attempt anything.


People’s stress levels have skyrocketed in the last few years as we have journeyed through the Uranus-Pluto Square and the revolution it has caused in our lives. That aspect has begun separating but Neptune in Pisces has brought new challenges. The Saturn-Neptune Square has exacerbated the general anxiety by bringing an energy of confusion, obfuscation and murkiness. Neptune is dissolving structures and making solidification elusive. It is hard to put together relationships, situations and circumstances under Saturn-Neptune. Dishonesty, hidden information, manipulation and general unsteadiness repeatedly dissolves and breaks down or eliminates attempts to make something work. After a few incidences or a very hard waves of this one loses confidence and become filled with stress, fear and anxiety.

Mars-Saturn as it builds to the exact conjunction, brings us two flavors of stress. Mars introduces stress into our lives because by initiating action in our lives we make ourselves vulnerable to challenges from other people who prevent us from accomplishing our intended goal. The conflict and anger that come from this are stress. We cannot always go as fast as we like or in the exact path we desire. Saturn introduces stress by simply blocking us.

Mars tell us to take action and Saturn tells us how we will fail to be effective…and fail in general.

Saturn stress has a different flavor. Saturn simply blocks us. It says NO. Saturn stress is exemplified by limitations, constraints and rejections. We feel frustration, depression and  even exhaustion.

Mars-Saturn Dangers

During a Mars-Saturn time we tend to feel we are facing both kinds of stress and there seems to be no solution – or if we have Mars-Saturn aspects in our chart – we’re likely to feel like we’re constantly under both types of stress. Desires and wants get thwarted by limitations, blocks and conflict. Our rigid positions or authoritarian strongholds face challenges from opponents. It’s not hard to imagine difficult situations in which our responses spiral quickly out of control into anger, aggression or ruthlessness.

Mars-Saturn conjunction will reveal an area of life where you are repressing your anger, rage or fear. You can choose to turn it inward and hurt yourself or outward and hurt others.


Keys of Resolution

So, with the lingering remains of Uranus-Pluto Square, the stationary tension of the Saturn-Neptune and the bold angry, fiery tension of the Mars-Saturn conjunction how can you make any progress? There are keys to success and the Mars-Saturn conjunction gives us guidance. It can be found in this unlikely dance of planets. Mars is about aggression, assertiveness, courage, anger, action, taking initiative and pioneering new things. Saturn is about building foundations, practicing frugality, creating structures, steadiness, reliability, limitations and restrictions, realism and rewards.

Key: Take Realistic Action

Mars in Sagittarius will require that ACTION be taken. There is no doubt about that. In whatever house (life area) Sagittarius is located, you have work to do. Mars requires you to take initiative and not wait for life to happen to you in what matter it is. Whatever you do, it must be practical and not fantasy. Mars initiates new beginnings. It delivers the energy to launch projects, to take new actions, to innovate, instigate and move ahead. Mars is a planet of fire and Sagittarius is a Fire sign. Taking initiative to resolve something will result in it being resolved if the action is a realistic and grounded one.

Key: Take It Slow and Steady

Saturn, as the Lord of Karma, heralds defeats, finality and endings. It marks roadblocks, depression, defeats, obstacles and blockages. Saturn in Sagittarius will require that the action you take also be on the conservative side. Be realistic, be frugal, avoid being impulsive and aim for long-term success, not risky short term happiness. Mars will give Saturn enough push to mitigate the stubborn rigidity that Saturn can bring. Saturn will slow down Mars enough to empower the stability needed to avoid impulsive behavior. Saturn wants us to take it slow and steady in building and rebuilding structures in areas of our lives.

Mars and Saturn come together, and we may experience starts and stops, progress and setbacks, and constant stress of all kinds.

If used proactively and positively, this Mars-Saturn conjunction can support consistent action and concerted efforts which will result build a bridge to success. Progress may be slow but it is at least progress and the action (Mars in Sagittarius) will be rewarded with freedom from a limiting situation, circumstance or relationship (Saturn in Sagittarius). In time (Saturn), your willpower (Mars) will be rewarded (Saturn) with a lasting progress and/or effective innovation (Mars). Maturity will be a running theme in whatever is involved and Saturn rewards maturity. It may be delayed gratification (Saturn) but it will be permanent.

Shoulder to the Grindstone ?

If you want to show that you are serious (Saturn) about this new start (Mars), then put your whole being into it. Get out there every day and do some physical exercise. hard physical exercise. Go for a run or a brisk walk every day. Exercise vigorously (sweat!!) for 30-60 minutes at home every day. It will boost your energy. Put your shoulder to the grindstone and do the hard physical work. It will push the fear out of your body.

In what natal house does the transiting 9° Mars-Saturn conjunction fall? Does it aspect any Gemini, Virgo or Pisces planet between 6°-12°

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