HEALING INSPIRATION IN THE WOUNDING: Chiron at 16 Pisces – March 30, 2014

HEALING INSPIRATION IN THE WOUNDING: Chiron at 16 Pisces – March 30, 2014

chironhealingIn the light of the New Moon we have some great support from one aspect: Chiron

Under this lunation, Chiron is at Pisces 16. In the Sabian Symbols this is interpreted as  In A Quiet Moment, A Creative Individual Experiences The Flow Of Inspiration. 

This is the energy that will carry us through until the next New Moon (solar eclipse), a New Moon in Taurus (April 29, 2014 2:14am EST, 08º 51´ Taurus

This energy of Chiron in Pisces under the New Moon is support from the Universe to stay conscious about the ways in which we are wounded and to use creativity ad inspiration as ways of healing and wellbeing. While there may be an urge to do nothing, to sleep a lot, to hide and run from challenges or to avoid thinking through solutions, the people who DO choose to stay conscious and work with this energy will notice life is much better for them.

Now is a time to say what needs to be said in a relationships of tension or conflict, but in a way that is healing. Own your stuff and allow others to own theirs without being attacked. Stay connected rather than shut off from others.


Inspiration will come to you. Ideas will flow. Just make sure they are realistic. Take time to meditate and pray. Listen to Spirit and nurture your spirit. If you get the message that you should wait on something, wait. if you get the message you should go ahead, go. If you get the message that you should do a certain thing, do it. If you get the message that you should NOT do a certain thing, pay heed the warning.

Find peaceful ways to release the pressure and tension, express yourself and move forward in a more positive fashion.


A wonderful way to bring healing to yourself and others is through the creative arts. Writing, music and art are ways of allowing ideas and emotions to flow and for the spiritual to express itself. Written words, music and pictures can say things better than we can verbalize them. The mystical, the magical, the divine, can be communicated in profound ways and provide answers and perspectives we might otherwise not have found.

Healing Wounds

Many of us will be rewriting the script of our lives at work, at home, and at play. You could well be coming into a new way or working (shifting from the office to telecommuting?) . You could solidify a new place of residence by getting that green card settled. Maybe you are simply accepting the way to world works instead of fighting against it, and finding some positive ways in which you can make a situation or relationship, that is not going to change,  work for you. Now is the time to stop ripping the bandage off the wound you have been carrying and allow yourself to heal. You may be great at seeing how others wound themselves and how they can heal. 

Now, physician, heal thyself.

Healing Inspiration

Take you own advice and make the changes that will bring you healing and peace. Allow new ways of thinking to fill your mind. The inspired new way of thinking and being will bring healing to wounds you have carried and fought with for a long time.

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