Healing Your Shadow: October 30, 2016 – New Moon in Scorpio

Healing Your Shadow: October 30, 2016 – New Moon in Scorpio

October is a spiritually and emotionally deep month with some intense transits and transformations. Be prepared to face your Shadow as we head into November! We have a powerful New Moon at 7°44′ Scorpio on October 30, 2016 (11:38:08 AM PDT / 1:30:08 PM EDT / 7:38:08 PM CEST in Central Europe) as we head into All Hallows Eve (Remember Tarot and The Twilight Zone!).  The Sun and Moon are in close conjunct with Mercury 9° 41′ Scorpio. Neptune (9°21′ Pisces Rx) and the South Node (11°15′ Pisces Rx) are trine this stellium. The North node is sextile it at  11°15′ Virgo Rx. The energy is about using self-discipline and organization in facing and eliminating old and hidden emotional patterns, addictions and obsessions. You can examine your shadow, find and eliminate your weaknesses and strengthen yourself. With this trine and sextile in place, it’s all good! There is opportunity here for transformation (Scorpio) and healing (Mercury, co-ruler with Chiron, of Virgo) on many levels.

New Moon in Scorpio: Look Deeper Than The Surface

The karmic condition for this New Moon in Scorpio is represented by Scorpio 7Deep-Sea Divers

This Sabian symbol implies the ability, or need, to see deep down into the depths of things. Maybe you must do some meditaiton or have someone give you access to something for you to be able to get down deep. If you do what ti takes for this deep insight and knowledge to occur, you will be transformed from depression, dark thoughts and stagnation to new life. The same will occur for your life situations.



New Moon in Scorpio: Moving Beyond Superficialities

radiantmoonThe Sabian symbol for this New Moon in Scorpio is symbolized by Scorpio 8A Calm Lake Bathed In Moonlight

The Moon is about things that are hidden, things that are in the dark, things that are not being fully seen as they would be in daylight. Yet, under moonlinght, you can see the shadows. We are now being called to examine our shadow — and we all have them as Carl Jung noted. If you look deeper you will see that their is something happening in the water deep beneath that calm lake. There is a roiling sea of life under there — it is is not as calm as the surface appearance would have you believe. It’s NOT calm down there! Fish are eating other fish, creatures are doing their daily thing and there is a lot of action taking place. You will find this within yourself and in your situations.

If you examine The Moon in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, you see that there is a lobster (which is a scavenger that eats the crap on the ocean floor), wild dog and howling wolf. You can also see that the Moon holds as much light as The Sun in the Tarot and that it calls forth the primal (what is deep inside of us). The hardshelled lobster is emerging from the water and there is a journey to be taken, as symbolized by the road between the dog and wolf. This is about doing shadow work.

I like classic films, especially classic horror films., There is much more to learn about it than you may think. The older, classic films have much more substance than the torture-porn that passes for horror films today. One of the early classics is “Nosferatu”, which was, as we know, based on Bram Stoker’s work “Dracula”. The most popular image of it is when Count Orlok climbs the stairs, his shadow looming large to the side of him. Carl Jung wrote profoundly about our Shadow. Our Shadow looms large within us and is a part of us, trailing in a not too invisible path alongside us. We will witness it in the collective as Neptune, an outer planet,  is involved. Remember that with Scorpio it is always about going deep, down in the the depths in the dark. It is about dealing with what you find under the surface and staying with it. If you do, under this New Moon in Scorpio, you will be transformed. Transformation involves the death of one thing and the resurrection or reincarnation of another. New life comes from going beyond the superficial and into the depths. Commitments made now are life and death — it could take death for the commitment to be broken.

Shadow work is intense and takes integrity. Your Shadow is part of us and we must all face our Shadow, and live with what is there. We can all experience healing of the wounds hidden by our Shadow and learn to understand ourselves better by acknowledging and understanding what is hidden there. To be fully integrated, to be a whole and healed person, you must fully integrate your Shadow into yourself. Repression and avoidance will only keep you in a self-created Hades.

New Moon in Scorpio: Making Needed Repairs

The quest imperative for this New Moon in Scorpio (the direction in which you would be wise to head) is represented by Scorpio 9A Dentist At Work.

Many fear going to the dentist because they do not want the pain. Yet it is curcial to have a thorough examination and x-rays so the dentist can repair your teeth —  clean out the rot of gum diease and cavities, do root canals and put in new fillings, crowns and caps.  Lack of good dental health is connected to heart disease. How symbolic is that?! If you heed the call of the Universe to examine yourself and admit that

  • there is some disease and rot in yourself and/or relationships
  • there are some areas where you are cracking apart
  • there are situaitons in your life that have gone to Hades
  • you must either ride the River Styx out like Persephone and emerge, or choose to stay in Hades

Undertaking this, you can make honest, authentic corrections where you can, get help for what you cannot handle alone and heal from the dis-ease. You can remove the rot and now simply cover it up with minty mouthwash. But minty mouthwash doesn’t permanently effectively the smell of the poop you’ve been eating (remember that lobster). Do the work and you can emerge cleansed, stronger, healthier, more honest and authentic with stronger bonds. You will be a new person. Your life will be transformed.

If you think about it, a dentist has an incredibly hard job.

Neptune’s higher octaves are about inspiration, bliss, love and beauty, intuition, the mystical and compassion, These will be easy to access during this New Moon and in the two weeks to follow. The healing methods will have something to do with spirituality, emotions, intuition, astrology, Tarot, meditation and mindfulness. All of this is Neptune at work, gently supporting you. You cannot go wrong if you choose to plunge into the dark waters and clean out what is below. You will even find you can breathe under there and face all the jellyfish, octopi and sharks and re-emerge intact and a strong er swimmer! Coming through changes where Scorpio is involved makes you STRONG. Your deep emotional and spiritual healing is within reach at this New Moon.

Handling the New Moon in Scorpio

If you have personal planets (Sun. Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus) or Ascendant in Scorpio, this New Moon will have a serious and deep impact on you. You intuition will bscorpiomouthwashe on high alert — which to the unconscious will feel uncomfortable and maybe even slightly as though people are trying to manipulate you with each word or action. Ground yourself and be silent before popping off on someone or seething inside based on the assumption that soneone is attempting to manipulate you.

The best way to handle this New Moon is to set an intention associated with the house in which this New Moon falls. For me is it in my 4th house – home and family. When a New Moon falls here the call is to focus on home and family. My intention is to dive deeply,  listen to my intuition and heed my emotions. I will take action to build my true support team and support system as well as examine how I support others and how I need to purge from my life because they are unsupportive. I have some long-range planning to do around home and family and it is already underway. I want to have strong healthy teeth that I desire to last me my entire life so I take good care of them I must do the same in regards to my home and family.

Conversely, there will be some 10th house activity – my 10th house is impacted because I work from home. I will allow myself to be inspired to powerfully create a private and settled home environment so I can do some powerful writing incorporating some Neptunian and Scorpionic situations and relationships. I have been experiencing these for the last few years and it will benefit people. I think there is no need for people to re-invent the wheel or experience unnecessary pain. People can learn from my experience if I am willing to teach about it. I have articles and a healing book on Chiron I am working on  (yes, I am receiving your requests to be informed when it is available) and I will do healing counseling and consulting work with clients. When the New Moon impacts your 10th house it is a good time to formulate new business plans and goals; it is also good for employing self-mastery/self-discipline in the areas of your life which involve your professional and societal presentation.

For both home and family and professional life/public life I cannot get by on a minty mouthwash. Remember the scavenger lobster? Mouthwash will not cover the smell of the poop!I need to make sure I have gotten all the needed work done to make things truly health and long-lasting Scorpio is in for the depth and the long haul.

Which house is direclty impacted by the New Moon and which is impacted by opposition?

What will YOU set as your intention for this mid-autumn Moon? What will you do to get at the wounds hidden by your Shadow?

Order a consultation if you would like to look what you are facing under this lunation.

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