HEALING TRANSFORMATION: The Chiron Return in Pisces

HEALING TRANSFORMATION: The Chiron Return in Pisces

chironcentaurChiron, the Wounded Healer

In Greek mythology, Chiron the Centaur  is half man on top and half horse on bottom. He was known for his great wisdom and his skills including the raising of boys into men (as turotor and teacher), medicine and the healing arts, astrology, the healing arts, music, archery, hunting, prophecy.

Chiron was married to the nymph Chariclo, wand they had three daughters Hippe, Euippe and Ocyrhoe and a son, Carystus.

According to legend, Hercules visited Pholus and Pholus opened a jar of wine that was the common property of the centaurs. The fragrance brought the other centaurs and a fight broke out. Chiron did not participate, but was accidentally wounded by Hercules with an arrow dipped in the blood of Hydra. Immortal, Chiron could not die so he was in agonizing pain and walked with a limp. Eventually, he was able to exchange positions with Prometheus, and thereby free Prometheus in exchange for his life (and relief from his pain. He then ascended to the sky

Chiron in Western Astrology

Chiron is an asteroid discovered in 1972 by astronomers and in western astrology is related to the childhood wound that never quite heals. It’s elliptical orbit is approximately 50 years so most people only experience a Chiron Return once in a lifetime.

When you turn 49, it returns to the exact position it occupied at your birth and remains there approximately two (2) years. This is reflected through a major turning point in life where you must deal with a childhood wound and emerge on the other side, at age 51, a transformed person.

Chiron is considered to co-rule (along with the planet Mercury) the sign of Virgo. Virgo is a sign concerned with nursing, medicine, healing and holistic living. The body, mind and spirit carry the imprint of some childhood wound and up until the age of 49, it has been there, being acted upon and acted out by you.  It is a wound that needs healing and through healing it, you become transformed and can more effectively heal others. You may “limp” the rest of your life but you will be empowered to heal, with true understanding of that which needs healing in others. The Chiron Return asks us to take a holistic approach to bringing healing to our lives and others.

Karmic Calling

This period of time is a spiritually karmic time when, if you listen, you will come into knowledge of how you are wounded and what you must do to heal it.  This may come through a seeming onslaught of wounding during the Chiron Return, such as significant deaths, job losses, emotional problems such as depression or health issues.

This is also a time when you will see the external affects of an internal change you can feel inside, called “kundalini” rising. As the kundalini energy rises, you need to get yourself in alignment with your purpose in this life and the flow of the Universe/God./Creator.

The karmic situations that arise, or rather, rise again, are giving you an opportunity to reach a high point in wisdom and that high point is reflected in the rising of your kundalini energy.

More about kundalini and the Chiron Return in Pisces, in the second part of this article!

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