Honorable Leadership – September 28, 2015 – Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Honorable Leadership – September 28, 2015 – Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The Aries Full Moon lunar eclipse occurs late Sunday night on the East Coast of the USA and early morning in Central Europe. People are waking up to some intense energy that can be used to manipulate and live in the gutter of life or to be an honorable person who exhibits true leadership. The choice is yours, of course, so blame only yourself for the outcome.

With the Aries Full Moon lunar eclipse timing and Mercury retrograde in Libra, expect social media like Facebook to light up like a Christmas tree on Monday — dripping sarcasm, manipulative attempts to bait people with caustic words, attempts to draw blood and cause arguments and debates, absurd statements designed to cause controversy and much immature angry garbage coming out of people’s mouth.

Get A Clue

Aries in its higher evolution, is a LEADER. In its low evolution it is a WARRIOR who sabotages themselves and destroys their potential to achieve or be a true leader by allowing anger, vengeance and vitriol to rule them. This Full Moon in Aries lunar eclipse will highlight WOMEN who are honorable leaders, pioneers in their field and who act an confident secure woman. If people are not responding to your manipulations and passive aggressive behavior OR or direct blood-mouthed controversial and agitating statements/post/tweets, GET A CLUE and stop.
While you waste time in low-class word games (statements, articles, name-calling, gender-blaming) designed to manipulate people into fights while you then sit back and pretend to have said or done nothing (passive-aggressive behavior), others are watching you and choosing not to associate with you anymore. You create enemies for no reason and lose people’s respect. People want leaders who move them forth and empower them to achieve; not selfish manipulators who keep them stuck in the same whining, complaints and blaming.
In fact, you are no longer a true leader when you cannot see that the needs of the group are bigger than your personal anger issues.
If you find yourself acting as a warrior rather than a leader, get a clue and put an end to that behavior now before more damage is done.

leadlikewomanHonorable Leadership

Honorable leadership takes integrity
When you think of leadership, you want a wise leader who is quick on their feet and sharp in their vision and intelligent in their decisions. But there is something that triumphs intelligence when it comes to leadership. Because even for the quickest, smartest, best leader, if they don’t have integrity all the intelligence is for naught. As we have learned in history and in current events, high intelligence is no guarantee of good judgment, and good judgment is closer to wisdom than high intelligence is. When we lead with integrity, our leadership is asking us to meet reality with the core of who we are—and frankly that takes courage. Integrity trumps intelligence… – Lolly Daskel
Being of good character, being trustworthy and being humble are high level leadership qualities. In these days we do not need warmongering, badmouthing, agitating fools leading us into useless battles to satisfy their own yayas. Be someone people can respect if you want to be a leader…and GREAT leaders of companies, groups and associations do not manipulate people with words. Mercury in Libra retrograde with this Moon opposite has potential for lots of foaming at the mouth.. and sad to say it could well be a lot of women. Come on my gender, raise the bar! Be so confident in yourself, that you do not need to attack men or anyone at all.
If you are in the proximity of someone acting like this on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, you night want to stay underground and work on projects and avoid social media, work, certain gathering places etc until late Wednesday. Use the Aries Full Moon lunar eclipse to work on your projects, enjoy the men in your life, enjoy your own masculinity (if you are a male) refine your leadership skills into something beneficial, find ways to promote your leadership, step up and seek a mentor, be a mentor and otherwise use your leadership in a positive manner at this lunation.
I will have another article for you on this Full Moon in Aries lunar eclipse — with a focus on the Sabian symbology!

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