Hot Fun in the End of Summer

Hot Fun in the End of Summer

How are you faring under the current astrological weather? It was SOME week!!


The Sun and Moon in Virgo gave us a New Moon solar eclipse on September 13.


Mercury went retrograde on September 17.


Saturn left Scorpio and entered Sagittarius on September 18.


Venus is fast traveling through Leo now that it is direct.


New Moon in Virgo

With the current transits, we are being called to handle a number of things. The first is our health and the way we organize our lives…which in turn affects our bodies and our health. The New Moon solar eclipse is energy calling us to make changes to remove whatever is dragging us down and hurting us in order to better organize our lives and create better health and organization in our lives. This eclipse has a six-month effect and these first 30 days of it until October 13 are most significant. Make changes now, willingly.


Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Mercury in Libra wants us to kept talking, keep communicating and continue to seek harmony. However, we must do it with diplomacy, balance and fairness. We must say what we mean to say but do it nicely. Mercury retrograde in Libra means we must review our thoughts and the ways in which we communicate and refine them. We can be angry and feel fiery but we must be cool, calm and diplomatic about how we express that anger. We also must refrain from being passive aggressive and turning to gossip.


This Mercury Rx in Libra from September 17 to October 9 between 0º and 15º Libra. During it there will be blood red Lunar Eclipse at 4º Aries which throws more emphasis on the shadow aspects of this transit — which is harmful communication that on the surface appears to be lovely — that is, GOSSIP. We are likely to see and hear (as well as put ourselves in position to be involved in) craftiness, greediness, ingenuity, patience, vengeance, passion, selfishness, lying, aggressiveness, and material instincts, and sometimes causes being an agitator, looking to make trouble for the fun of it, through out words.


This is an excellent time for purging yourself of your personal demons and removing those thoughts that are truly non-productive in your life. Do not make excuses or cause delays. Clean up your mind and the words that you let come from your mouth or your typing fingers. If someone has been deceiving you and you are or become aware of it, this is good energy for double-crossing them and undoing their damage. Purge and purify the house or maybe add some new interior design. Maybe you broke up with someone? Now is when you should put some new paint on the walls throw out broken furniture, get rid of old reminders and make your space beautiful and new again.


Finally, in regards to the Mercury retrograde in Libra, The hardest days of the retrograde are from September 23 up to the Lunar eclipse on September 28.

On September 23 we could see some revenge, blatant lying and malice in the media and in our personal lives. Kiss and tells, with emotional and sexual affairs being exposed.  Around the Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn on September 24 we could see some whistle-blowing and a great, dark secret revealed. To cap it all, the Aries Lunar Eclipse on September 28  is a risk-takers eclipse which could mean we gamble everything on investments or a relationship. So this is one of those all-or-nothing eclipses that could shoot us sky high or cause disaster for us. The Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn on October 22 will open eyes about the malicious gossip passed around since August 27.  This is certainly a melodramatic Mercury Retrograde, eh? It is a Mercury retrograde of bluffing, hype, getting our ‘knickers-in-a-twist’ over nothing and pretty little liars who passive-aggressively say things about people in order to harm them, which a fake smile on their face. Polite conversation is not a bad thing and it can be done without spitting daggers. Honesty (or truth, which is a Sagittarius thing) is good. If you learn to see through the deception and act courageously, you will have the opportunity to see magic happen in your life.


Saturn in Sagittarius

What a WHAM BANG Saturn in Sagittarius is opening with! Saturn is, in part, about hardness, resistance, restrictions, limitations, making things smaller and borders/boundaries. Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is about freedom, freedom of expression, making things bigger, immigration, learning and education, justice and legal matters, religion and philosophy.


Immigration and Migration. So what happened as Saturn entered Sagittarius? The Christian leader of Hungary, having spent his childhood and young life in a state of persecution and deprivation based on religion (against Christianity), shut down the borders of Hungary to migrants longing for freedom because he wants to keep non-Christians, specifically Muslims, out of Hungary. Masses of exhausted people walking on the roads met fences lined with barbed wire and police who physically handled them when they tried to escape to freedom and a new life. Sagittarius is about foreign people and foreign cultures (foreign to you) and globalization.


Real Education — Wow. Saturn in Sagittarius. Soon we will see an overwhelming amount of people descend on the people and organizations that have made getting a university education so expensive and out of people’s reach. People will GET REAL (Saturn) about educating themselves, their children and the community. The student loan situation will explode into a crisis so it can be resolved. People will find new and innovative ways of getting educated (with Uranus in Aries trine this energy at some point I think it will be online education). Look for online learning to not only expand but mature. If you teach online, and want to make big money (Jupiter!) in creating authentic and effective educational (Sagittarius) courses, do it NOW through December 2017 and you will find yourself sitting pretty on money and recognition by 2018. If you own or operate an online teaching platform, if you expand by taking any and everyone as a teacher without qualification and if you allow low quality content, you will suffer economically and in reputation. High quality educational content at a For now, get an astrology consultation with me and learn how and in what area of life Saturn in Sagittarius will affect you. It is time to get real. Get a grip on Saturn in Sagittarius at the beginning and you will experience it as a positive transit and not have a lot of difficulty.


Here is a clue: what happened in your life between December 23, 2014 to March 14, 2015?  Whatever went well is what you are to focus on for the next 2.5 years. Did you start teaching in some way? Get back to it and getting deeper. Did you start expanding in some area of life and it worked well? Return to it. Did you gain a new and wider perspective or start exploring a new philosophy? Keep your mind open! Was there something you have not done in life but saw there was a final window opening for it? Get about doing it now. CONVERSELY, where there were problems, look at getting out of those situations, stopping those habits and ending those relationships. If you have planets up to 4º Sagittarius, they have been activated and now you will spend the next three (3) months dealing with those people, habits and situations. The wise advice is that you not resist and simply do what you must do. Limit yourself when and where needed and doing the right thing where you have done wrong. If you have restricted and isolated others, do the right thing and set them free. If it involved lies and gossip from you, you will be required to tell the truth. If you do not, it will eventually come back to hurt you.


Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo is moving along at a nice clip and your financial and love relationship situations should be straightening out. Frequently people call me wanting to know if they will get an old lover or and ex-boyfriend or a former/separated husband back into their lives. When I do not see that happening I says so. I also convey the message spirit says about that relationship. But 95% of the time people ignore me, spend more money calling others to get the answer they wan tot hear and continue to beat a DEAD HORSE. Next, they wonder how they lose months and years of their life alone while they lose time trying to revive a relationship that will not work in the long term. Venus retrograde showed you the painful results of bad financial habits and hanging onto dead relationships. Now moving forward Venus is showing where you have opportunity to regain your self-dignity and choose better in money and love situations. By the time it reaches 0º Virgo, where it was before it went retrograde, you should have put in place a good financial and/or love plan. When Venus in Virgo arrives again October 9, if you did the work, expect good money and/or love results. Work hard now!! Today!!! And until October 9!!


Heed the messages above and live well. It really will be a better life if you do this.


Arrange a 30 minute astrology consultation to examine the current and upcoming effects of Saturn in Sagittarius in your life.

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