How To Handle Overwhelm, Anxiety and Fear

How To Handle Overwhelm, Anxiety and Fear

Overwhelmed? Anxious? Fearful?
Get spiritually-based clinical pastoral counseling that integrates clinical pastoral care with intuitive spirituality, psychology, Tarot and astrology. The outcome is that you get guidance that helps you gain clarity and create solutions for yourself that work!

COVID Stress Syndrome

Overwhelm, anxiety and fear are running rampant in today’s global pandemic and economic crash. COVID Stress Syndrome and the “lockdown mentality” within it are very real.  People are distressed beyond their ability to cope alone. The wealthy have become even wealthier and the middle class and poor are suffering greatly financially, materially, spiritually and psychologically. The initial wave of  the Covid-19 pandemic are over but within winter approaching, there is mounting evidence accumulating that a second wave is building and it is linked to rising rates of mental health and substance use disorders. It is time for people to get help and get it regularly.

Prolonged Grief and Trauma

The grief and distress people have felt over the illnesses and deaths, as well as perhaps permanently changed routines, business losses and social disconnection has had no relief. That normal grief and distress are now becoming prolonged and likely will transform into prolonged grief, major depression and post-traumatic disorders.

Commonly many people are expressing this grief through anger, rage, violence, xenophobia and a pessimistic lack of hope for the future. People are also holding it in and becoming full with depression, anxiety and fear. People, like you, have so many questions. People want and need answers. People want to experience emotions such as joy, peace and hope, again. There is a solution. As a professional trained in both clinical pastoral counseling and care AND metaphysical spiritual practices (Tarot, astrology), I can help you.


After formally studying theology & clinical pastoral care in seminary and graduating with my Master of Divinity from seminary, I became an ordained minister and launched a pastoral care practice. Integrating my education, training, spirituality, and natural intuition, then meeting the launch of the internet, in 1996 I became the founder of Healing Universe a spirituality-based astrology and Tarot website. I bring to my clients my background as an ordained minister skilled in clinical pastoral counseling, a Certified Professional Tarot Reader (CPTR) and a trained Evolutionary Astrologer, as well as Master Coach. I have been providing spiritual direction and spiritual guidance, working with my education, skills, gifts and my clients.  I use the Tarot, Earth Magic Oracle Cards and Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards as sparks for my intuition. I am clairsentient (clear knowing).

I am also the founder of a groundbreaking and powerful membership organization focused on life strategy work that empowers women worldwide. It is called RISE! Designed for female founders in particular and women in general, it helps you learn and increase resilience and enjoy abundance. Through (monthly) mavenminds, presentations, member spotlight hotseat coaching and question and answer sessions, women learn to build and maintain resilient business and life legacies.

Let’s Talk – Book a Session

I want you to have a better life, clarity about your life and peace of mind. I want to help you find a good way for you to deal with your emotional and spiritual states and become resilient so you can survive and thrive.

If you want guidance through these challenging pandemic times, if you have questions about love in the time of coronavirus, if you need overall clarity, if you want to have someone to talk with instead of keeping it all inside,  call me.

How a Call Happens

You can contact me during my open hours or you can arrange a session through an appointment request. Plan to spend ay least 15 minutes and preferably 30 minutes so you have enough time. You can choose to call me daily, weekly or whatever schedule best fits you.


Your First Call

After registering you will have an account and can dial me directly!
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*Tarot is a transformational tool for spiritual development and self-growth.

*Tarot is not for fortune telling or prediction of the future. It presents options and potential that clients may use in making decisions. Please no requests for lottery numbers. If I had the magic winning numbers I would use them myself and buy my own Caribbean island and retire there

*I encourage all clients to use their free will in decision-making

*I recommend all clients seek out the services of an attorney, financial advisor, medical care professional for legal, financial, or medical issues.

*I will strive at all times to give my full attention to clients and to provide services to the best of my abilities.

*I will maintain client confidentiality.

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