How To Transform Your Life During Saturn In Scorpio

How To Transform Your Life During Saturn In Scorpio

Ukemoki, the Goddess of Transformation
The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr

How To Transform Your Life During Saturn In Scorpio

(2012 – 2015)


Saturn in Scorpio began October 5, 2012 and goes until September 17, 2015. It is a time when we are required to do the right thing  and the mature thing (Saturn) to transform ourselves (Scorpio) around sex, intimacy,  money and sharing of ourselves and our resources.

When Saturn in Libra was in transit from 2010-2012, we were under pressure (Saturn) to do the right and mature thing (Saturn around relationships and marriage (Libra).

With Saturn it IS always about a test and there IS a right and a wrong. Under Saturn in Libra the test was to commit and get real (Saturn) so your life cold be balanced (Libra) via a committed monogamous relationship and marriage (Libra). Yes, you were supposed to get married or make a commitment that would lead to one. For some the commitment was about balancing (Libra) their finances (Libra).

If you did not do one or the both of these things, you failed the test. If you failed the test, you have reaped the results duing Saturn in Scorpio. Where Libra is the 7th house of life and represents the marriage, Scorpio represents the 8th house and is about the money, sex, intimacy and sharing of resources that comes after the wedding.

If you did not get it right during Saturn in Libra, these last two years have been a mess in relationships, sex and finances. But you can choose to get it right now, under Saturn in Scorpio. You can choose to backtrack and salvage that relationship, get married and get to an accountant and start changing financial habits and getting your life back in balance. You can choose to get back on track

But what about this time of Saturn in Scorpio if you did pass pass the test of Saturn in Libra? Then it is time to go deep and transform your life. It may feel and be scary, but by mid-September 2015 you will see great financial results and experience a deepened intimacy in your life.

Here are 10 ways you can choose to improve and transform your life along Scorpio themes during this Saturn transit.

  • Get therapy to explore your psychological issues (esp. about emotional intimacy, sex and money)
  • Confront your shadow self — the things you do not like about yourself and wouldn’t want others to discover
  • Heal any shame around sexuality or money
  • Transmute your fears and anxieties into confidence and strength
  • Purge your life of superficial attitudes, ways of relating and relationships
  • Share your time, energy and money only with worthy partners
  • Allow yourself to be more vulnerable
  • Remove dangerous and hurtful people from your life
  • Build a new financial life through a new money management plan (budgeting, saving, eliminating debt)
  • Practice full honesty and full openness

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