Illuminating Darkness & Chris Christie: Full Moon in Cancer – January 15, 2014

Illuminating Darkness & Chris Christie: Full Moon in Cancer – January 15, 2014

cancerfulloonThe Full Moon in Cancer occurs at January 15, 2014 at 11:52 pm Eastern Time at 26 degrees of Cancer, after it conjunct with Jupiter (which is exalted in Cancer). This is a BIG day, a BIG FAT day in terms of emotions. Whatever is hidden comes to light. Whatever is close to the heart is exposed in all its vulnerabilities. That relationship you’ve kept secret may well pop out into the public, as a matter of “completing” it. Something dear to you, personally or professionally, is coming into grand exaltation and fulfillment.

This Full Moon will exactly aspect my Midheaven and natal Jupiter in the 10th house so I am expecting something to come to the fore regarding career/profession on January 16-18 and/or in the next two weeks by the New Moon.

I have been walking in the dark, feeling my way intuitively, doing what I feel led to do, regarding career matters. It felt nutty at first I realize that the moves are right and beneficial so I am trusting my intuition. I am making changes where I feel led to do so and freeing my mind in some areas. I am jampacking my career life, writing  blog columns here and other places, writing articles, doing astrology and other consultatons, and in general preparing for a career explosion. All this is intuitively led. The Moon, and the sign it rules, Cancer, are all about intuition.

Expect a strong and perhaps overwhelming (or it will feel like that) emotional buildup as the moon approaches fullness. With Mars in Libra square this lunation, people are being aggressive about pushing for what they want or perceive they need. The tricky part is for everyone to get some of what they need without shutting out others or being shut out.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

One thing that will stand out under this Full Moon in Cancer is that people who have done dirty deeds in the dark will see them exposed under this Full Moon in Cancer. It is doomsday for such people. The bell will toll for them. A hard destiny will make an appearance. Keep your eyes peeled to the newspapers and television news because we will learn some more about NJ governor Chris Christie and the burgeoning “Bridgegate” scandal. He has natal 9 Cancer Mars and that is being squared by Mars in Libra. With a natal Moon in Sagittarius, he is prone to blunt, sarcastic quips and statements that hurt other people. With a Sag Moon, Christie thinks his harsh words should roll off people’s backs. He does not “get it” that words have a lasting effect on people. He alienates many people. This man some call a bully is under pressure and with Jupiter illuminating Cancer whatever gets exposed will only crack open wider and wider. By the end of Mars in Libra in mid-July, Chris Christie will be split wide open and likely will have quite a hurting put on him because he has made so many enemies. Like a flashlight being shined on kissing lovers in the dark, look for emails and memos to be brought to light regarding “Bridgegate” and other things. With Mercury going into Aquarius now, the will be a media outcry for justice regarding anything he has done that has harmed anyone.

Try not to be selfish; remember to be big-hearted and you will get the best of this Full Moon in Cancer.

Where are you walking in the dark? In what area(s) of life are you feeling intuitively led to do things and make changes?

Arrange an astrology consultation to see how this lunation affects you. It will be a productive and effective  30 or 60 minutes investment in yourself and your near future.

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