Ingrid Bergman: A Virgo Woman Self-Possessed

Ingrid Bergman: A Virgo Woman Self-Possessed

“Never leave a room empty-handed,” she would often say to me, meaning that there’s always a glass in the living room that needs to be taken to the kitchen sink, a magazine in the bedroom that has to be returned to the living room, and so on. She taught me how to be orderly and how to clean house efficiently…~~Isabella Rossellini writing about her mother, Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman


ingridbergman-2Ingrid Bergman, who was in one of the most famous films of all times (Casablanca) and is one of the most famous actresses of all time, was the consummate Virgo. But not only that — what accented it was her Leo Ascendant.

With a Sun, Venus and Mercury in the 2nd house of earned income and values, a Leo Ascendant and a 9th house Moon in Aries. she deftly, perfectly created a dramatic  and principled life — even if her principles were not those of the crowd. She lived true to her values,  was a single mother (at first, having an affair with Italian director Roberto Rossellini and had a child by him as a result, actress Isabella Rossellini. She openly expressed her individuality.

While her outward appearance and public persona was stylish, dramatic and charismatic (note the hats!) Ingrid Bergman was a woman with great personal power who separated herself from the control of other people’s values. wishes and priorities. She was also very much in control of her finances, ensuring that she was secure.

Do you know what I especially love about you, Ingrid, my dear? I can sum it up as your naturalness. The camera loves your beauty, your acting, and your individuality. A star must have individuality. It makes you a great star. A great star. ~~Director George Cukor on Ingrid Bergman

She was celebrated in her field: She won three Academy Awards, two Emmy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards and the Tony Award for Best Actress. The American Film Institute has ranked her as the fourth greatest female star of American cinema of all time. She was connected to many famous men in Hollywood — actors Omar Sharif, Gary Cooper, Spencer Tracey and Antony Quinn and director David O. Selznick. Through her dramatic abilities she secured herself and international following in Europe and the United States of America.

ingridbergman-3A giving woman, she served others, particularly in the home. She was, as you can note by the quote above, possessing of the Virgo “clean gene”.

When Virgo needs to focus, mentally process and clarify things, she needs a clean space. Creating that clean space hers Virgo achieve the clarification. The removal of the dust and dirt, the sounds of the vacuum, the polishing of the wood, the washing of the laundry, the ironing of the clothes until they are wrinkle free and crisp. the fresh smelling environment and the orderliness of it all — gives the Sun in Virgo person the ability to create order and solutions out of a mess and confusion. Or she hires someone to do it for her. Either way, the cleanliness and orderliness of her surrounds mirrors her life.

Virgo is self-possessed, as was Ingrid Bergman. She mastered her self-realization as a Sun in Virgo woman by using her Leo Ascendant t acquire the means to have strong and positive finances  and then she set boundaries around them. Her affair made sense to her and she acquired what she wanted and needed — the love of Italian director Roberto Rosselini, despite the fact that they were both already married and she had a son by him, Bergman became pregnant with their son, Renato Roberto Ranaldo Giusto Giuseppe (“Robin”) Rossellini who was born February 2,ingridbergmanhat-1 1950. 

She divorced her husband Peter, fought him for custody of their daughter Pia, married Rossellini and had twin girls with him. One of those girls became actress Isabella Rossellini. They later also divorced but Bergman retained her self-possession, and marched forward with her own set of values.

Her life made sense to her.

I want to also note that the issue of marriage and Virgo is perfectly reflected in her life. Virgos can marry and be the perfect spouse and parent, serving the family and taking care of them. As Ingrid Bergman did. But hen it no longer worked for her and she felt her love and life was with another, she secured her child (Madonna) and divorced.  That she lived most of her life a single mother after two divorces is not surprising and very Virgoan.

She was disciplined and took care of herself, her body (check out her appearance) and children.  After her second divroce, she reminaed the single mother (“madonna”) raising her children adn taking principled roles such a that of Golda Meier in “Golda”

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