INTEGRATION NOT ASSIMILATION: Lunar Eclipse in Libra – April 15, 2014

INTEGRATION NOT ASSIMILATION: Lunar Eclipse in Libra – April 15, 2014

borgAbout a few years ago there was a huge furor in Denmark  over remarks made by a politician in Denmark’s parliament who stated that people of other cultures who live in Denmark must assimilate and “become Danish” in mindset, culture, practices beliefs etc. It caused and emotionally violent furor among people, Danish and non-Danish. it was compared to the way the Borg in “Star Trek” forcibly absorbed people’s minds and took over their very being. It was not a well-received statement.

Integration is about bringing together dissimilar things, finding commonalities and learning to balance together your respective powers, strengths and abilities. The practice of the Borg is assimilation. Assimilation is about dominance and trying to force others to become a version of you and to live under your demands. Assimilation does not work and in fact causes pain, anger, breakdowns and often, violence.

On Tuesday April 15, 2014 we have a lunar eclipse in Libra. It is especially powerful because it is part of a Cardinal Grand Cross that will bring great challenges and changes to our lives. It is also a Full Moon. The Cardinal Grand Cross is occurring between  (using Sabian degrees) Mercury and Uranus at Aries 14,  Jupiter at Cancer 13,  Mars retrograde at Libra 17 and Pluto stationary retrograde at Capricorn 14. The change and challenge must be address through integration

Have you read that carefully? This lunar eclipse is occurring during a powerful configuration between major players: Mercury, Uranus, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. It would knock you off your feet, knock off your socks and knock the wind out of you. The last week we have been building up to it and from listening to my clients I can tell you, it has been  very challenging.

The Eagle Flies With The Dove

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon in this total eclipse is Libra 26: An Eagle And A Large White Dove Turning Constantly Into Each Other. 

When an eagle and dove are constantly turning into each other, they are acknowledging each other’s power and resting in their own. Thea eagle is the “king” of birds and a domineering, stately symbol. The dove is a bird of peace, gentleness and tenderness. This lunar eclipse is one in which are asked to deal with tension, strife and conflict by using gentle words acknowledging the value of each other’s differences and working together to accomplish a positive end-goal. Love must take precedence, not anger and fighting. To succeed, we must integrate ourselves, not attempt to assimilate the other and force them to be like us. Mix it up! Give the best of ourselves and accept the best that others give you and make a new thing from it.

As a lunar eclipse and full moon, this is a followup to what began last November 3, 2o13 with the New Moon solar eclipse in Scorpio. The culmination will come with the April 29 , 2014 New Moon solar eclipse in Taurus.

Now is a time when lost or delayed opportunities can be regained and progress can actually be made if things are said and done in a diplomatic and gentle manner.

Caution: Indecision

One caution I will raise is that there might be a minority tendency to be indecisive it is distracting, under this lunation. People could have difficulty making up their minds about things, doing first one thing, and then another…and then another. We might also see more incidence of schizophrenia than usual.

Caution: Passive-Aggressive Behavior

It could also be that you let your anger get the better of you because someone is using passive-aggressive behavior to provoke you (remember, we are experiencing 8 months of retrograde Mars in Libra),  and you unleash an uncharacteristic explosion of anger that leaves the recipients of it wondering if you are a bit crazy. Try not to explode. Go run around the block first and shake it off, then come back and speak a bit more peaceably, if at all.

And if you are angry at someone about something, stop playing passive-aggressive control games by withholding and pretending to be pleasant/sweet/polite, or hiding away. Stop picking dramatic public fights. Communicate civilly and privately and resolve situations with peace and balance, not threats and violence. Pluto in Capricorn will demand during this lunation that we get to the ugly, deep, dark heart of this matter and face what is there. Cut the crap, gently say what is on your mind or heart and resolve the issue. You may not get what yo want but you can get the problem resolved one way or another.

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