It’s Got To Be Real Love, Sex and Money: October 23, 2014 – Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

It’s Got To Be Real Love, Sex and Money: October 23, 2014 – Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

sightseeingbus-2The Solar Eclipse on October 23, 2014 is at 0º 24″ Scorpio exactly conjunct Venus. In two weeks we get an opportunity to go deep, even to surrender akin to death, in sexual, love and finances matters, all of which are likely to connected in our lives. There is a powerful new beginning in sex, love and money waiting for those who do he work and get real.

The Sabian Symbol for Scorpio 1 is “A Crowded Sightseeing Bus On A City Street”

This eclipse of a partial solar eclipse at  0º24″ Scorpio opposite the Moon and conjunct Venus. When Venus is in Scorpio, there is a problem with letting the love flow. The New Moon will squeeze that emotion from us and we will be guided to make decisions from our heart.

As I wrote earlier, this degree often shows the feeling of being separate, being an observer of life rather than a participant. You can feel like you do not experience reality because you are watching it like a mannequin from inside a department store window or a tourist on a sightseeing bus, watching how other people live.  During this three week period, there may be separation anxiety and a feeling that you are out of your depth, out of familiar territory and unable to connect with real life. When you re-surface or resurrect, you will have have experienced breathroughs in these areas and released what no longer serves us. It is imperstive to to this, if you want to be successful — and it is possible.

The New Moon eclipse in Scorpio occurs conjunct Venus in Scorpio. Venus rules Taurus and Libra and governs love, money and values.  With the knowledge of our natal chart beforehand and this information about the eclipse degree, we can take away the eclipses power to break us down and use it to empower us to breakthrough blockages in our lives. What house will host hte eclipse for you? What planets will be aspected or touched by it? These are the areas of life where you ill experience it, in addition to love, sex and money in general.

Leo Rising: Home, Sweet, Home

As you know Leo Ascendant/Leo Rising people are my focus in this net year. If the solar eclipse falls in your 4th house, you will finally experience REAL love, sex and money/values changes around home, father, housing and family of origin. Any planets aspected by it in your 2nd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses will be positive, good feeling changes. Any planets aspected by it in your 1st, 7th and 10th houses will be areas of life where you will face challenges regarding this eclipse.

There is good news, however, because instead of bringing additional distress, this October 23 eclipse will more than likely bring a positive outcome that you can literally live with in your life. You will have a viable housing/home solution with this New Moon solar eclipse in Scorpio. A man is likely to be at the center of making it happen, as it is a solar eclipse. A new door, a new key a new path will be available to you.

You are about to experience “home, sweet home”  — FINALLY. It has been many years of temporary half-living for many Leos and people with Leo Ascendants. How wonderful it will be to have this part of your life settled. Having no home, wandering from place to place, not having something to call your own, worrying and wondering about whether you will sleep and if it is permanent or not, moving repeatedly, living out of a suitcase, not having a kitchen to cook good nutritious food and missing all the benefits of having a home to come to at the end of the day, is about to end. Life is about to get much better. Your home situation is about to become a settled and secure part of your life. If things have not yet settled  in your housing, home and family so that YOU can settle into a home — YOUR HOME — they will soon. Look at your chart and check and ephemeris to see when Saturn is in the first degree of your 5th house. That is when you will see that after many years of upheaval and distress, you can rest, plant your feet and settle your soul at home.

puttingtodeathBefore the Easter Harvest

In early September I wrote of an Easter harvest. If you know the Easter story, it is not all about the beautiful transcendence of Jesus Christ on Easter. First, there came being mailed to a cross. Symbolically in Christianity, Jesus of Nazareth being whipped, beaten, spit upon and finally being nailed on a cross to hang until death was the symbol of our sins (all the falseness, lies, fears, pains etc) represented in a horrific form, being cleansed and absolved through Jesus’ death.

But remember it was not one day thing. There is a three day period of horror and grieving before Easter, when Jesus rises again and ascends to heaven, according to Christianity. Watching the whipping, torture, mocking , nailing and hanging of Jesus had to be a traumatizing dark time in the life of those who loved him.

Dark and Twisted Pathways

Compare the lies, falsehoods, fears and pains you carry in you over sex, money and love. It is pretty dark in there for some people. Some  have forgotten the light and truth they came into the world with at birth. They have forgotten the newmoonsclipsescorpiolove, security and joy they had a birth. They have become polluted, wounded and weighed down with negativity over sex, money and love. Some people have tried all manner of things to attain or reject these things and gotten twisted in darkness along the way. They live superficially happy lives while dying inside, having sold their soul’d integrity to conform and meet public approval.

A client I know has deep wounds in sex, sexuality and money/finances. An attractive and charming man, he has let himself be psychologically manipulated by two people over his sexuality, even causing him to question his sexual orientation.  He has carried a bad body image and fears about money all his life. He is afraid of his sexual performance and yet has intense unmet sexual needs. He is terrified to be intimate and allow his body to be sexual in that emotional and spiritual intimacy. He allowed himself to be emotionally manipulated for nearly 7 years by a woman who wanted to use him for her own purposes even going so far as to try to blackmail him over her pregnancy by another man. He is also in a deeply Oedipal relationship with his mother, who consciously manipulates him with money in order to have him replace the companionship ad attention she feels she does not get from her husband. His mother gives him money in hopes that he will never get married and she badmouths the woman he loves in order to keep him off-balance emotionally and psychologically.

The most significant manifestation of this energy is that behind his charmingly aloof facade,  he is terrified he will never have enough money. He has gotten himself involved in a dishonest financial deal that brought him some money, but now is crashing down all around him and threatens to expose and embarrass him as a corrupt and “dirty” person in the community in which he lives. Most of all, he is on the verge of losing the woman he loves because he has delayed for long marrying her and having a baby. He has refused to share the money and resources he has already gained through dishonest means. Not only that, he admits to not wanting to spend money on her or share resources because he feels then he won’t have enough for his enjoyment. Yet he lives in misery, smiling for the public, while privately not enjoying life because he is alone. He is a tourist on a sightseeing bus in life.

She is moving to another country and has warned him not to pursue her so their connection can die and she can get a new beginning with another man. In the seven years he has delayed committing and marrying her, she has gone from fertile to now having only a slight chance of having a child. A beautiful and talented woman, she would rather take her chances on meeting a new man than continue with this emotionally and spiritually warped  non-relationship.

Gambling on Unreality

In his dogged and corrupt pursuit of money and his woundedness about his sexuality, he is losing the one woman he knows truly knows who he is and truly loves him and the children they could have had together. He asked me what to do based on where things are now. I told him, as usual, the no-nonsense truth as a Virgo does:

“Either you wake up and realize that this woman is real and make a real marriage and family with her now, or you keep gambling on the unreal profits and lose a sure thing”.

In cases like his, it is sad to see that what could have been a bountiful and brilliant future is dying and going to waste.

Shocking Revelations and Releasing the Past

Another aspect of this New Moon solar eclipse in Scorpio that I want to address is the possibility that it will propel some to go deep and publicly emerge regarding their spiritual intuitive abilities. Scorpio goes deep, conceals itself and then resurrects like a phoenix from the ashes. The Sabian Symbol Scorpio 2 is “A Delicate Bottle Of Perfume Lies Broken, Releasing Its Fragrance”.

This is the breakthrough that follows the breakdown. This is where you finally clear the air now that the filth, dirt and deception is in the open, and you work together to clear the air and salvage a new and authentic relationship or situation. Now you can have a REAL marriage, relationship or business partnership.

This is about the past being released and letting go of the past. Imagine you are on a crowded sightseeing bus, meaning you are in public and surrounded by others who can see and hear you. Then suddenly your traveling partner  and others on the bus open the newspaper to reveal a front page photo of you. The headline states you are being sought for the poisoning murder of your wife, who you told police years earlier had abandoned you. You won election to office on a sympathy vote because of her death. A spurned ex-lover has gone to police to reveal what you did. Suddenly, you nosferatu-1entire world crashes and the stench of the putrid past is out in the open. While it is hellishly shocking, it means the matter can be handled and the past can be released. it will have no more power over you.

Fears That Drain Us

All Hallows Eve or Halloween is approaching a week after the eclipse and it is a time when the veil between this physicalworld and spiritual realm is said the be the thinnest. The spirits of the dead are said to be walking the earth (which is why we wear costumes to disguise ourselves). Ghosts, goblins and things that go BUMP in the night — such as the monsters of our fears lurking around us at the eclipse time like the vampire Nosferatu creeping up the stairs to suck the life out of us.

Remember, though, that monsters are only in our imagination. Keep your eyes fixed on your goal of new life and do not look to the left or right at these “monsters”. Let them creep, hiss and growl. Keep straight on a path to break through the surface and into the real light of day and real life. Even the foulest stinking “monster” cannot take away your life unless you allow them to make you lose focus and crash your ship on the rocks.

Speaking of “monsters”, however — there is a very real possibility that some of us will be vengefully and publicly exposed around/during the eclipse by someone we formerly had a romantic, sexual or financial relationships with and who is angry with us. Keep this in mind. But once it is done, the news is out and the “dirty dark secret”  NO MORE POWER over us!

Spiritual Ability Unleashed

But what I see here is the very real possibility that you will be compelled to go deep with your fears about your psychic/intuitive/spiritual/prophetic abilities, gifts and talents — and re-emerge into the light of the public with them. These are HEALING abilities. What would happen if you told your loved ones you are going to seminary, becoming an ordained minister, have psychic spiritual ability, assist people through astrology or Tarot, can change lives through feng shui, have healing hands that do great things through Reiki, massage or acupuncture? Would they abandon, mock ad ridicule, sabotage or disown you? If so, would you stay strong , knowing the horror of the secretive hell in which you have lived keeping the information hidden? Would you continue on your path?

Abundance Is Available

There is so much possibility of abundance in this late autumn eclipse. Thanksgiving is only a month away. Would you take the plunge admit you are sexually wounded or inexperienced and trust your partner to love you and journey with bountifulharvestyou as you explore the depths and pleasures of sex and grow closer together in intimacy? Would you rather risk rejection and need to find a new partner than stay in the dark torturous hole of loneliness, lack of intimate sexual expression and the void of no intimate human contact?

Would you stop behaving like the Vulcan Mr. Spock  and enter into the joys and pains of human love? Would you join humanity and risk showing real love and stop ignoring, pushing aside, refusing communicate with and otherwise showing callous disregard to the person you love? Or would you rather remain in a private hell, riding the tourist bus alone and watching life take place all around you while you take photos? Do you prefer a lack of love over an abundance of love? Do you think a woman will wait around for 8 years while you act with cold aloofness towards them, starving them of love, gambling that she would prefer to absolutely lose the ability to have a child on the possibility that one day you might step up and be a man (a bet you will lose) ?

Are you brave enough to admit you have messed up to this point regarding finances, and get real help so you can change the situation, improve your finances and become abundant in all ways in your life? In one European country I know, the culture holds tightly to the value of shaming and harming people around money. There is a huge societal stigma attached to having debt. They call you a “bad payer” and those two words carry with them deep shame if you are raised in that culture. They are like the scarlet letter “A” of adultery from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic novel — but only for money. To be a “bad payer” means you are someone to be scorned in that country. It is quite a sad cultural trait.

But if you are willing to publicly release the private shame  by getting real help — a therapist, a financial advisor, an accountant, your wealthy uncle Zacharia who will gladly help you re-learn about wealth — you can actually attain the wealth you desire — and learn that it has nothing to do with your true value.

You may find this New Moon solar eclipse in Scorpio opens doors for you to release into the world and your relationships

  • spiritual healing abilities
  • your sexual desires and sexuality
  • your financial habits and goals

Watch for a male in your life to be swept out of your life at this time or in the 30 days to follow OR that you will be cut out of someone’s life at the eclipse or in the month to follow. Solar energy is masculine or male energy and eclipses blot out. If you want to remain in someone’s life and not be blotted out, start telling the truth and stop doing devious, dishonest and dirty things! Not only that, start doing the right thing! Do all this before the eclipse hits on October 23.

Resurrect Your Life

Under the New Moon in Scorpio, you can release the negative thoughts and practices and begin anew with positive ones. You could stop wounding your intimate and sexual life and relation ships with negative pent-up frustrations about sex and money. You could start incorporating your spiritual faith and/or your healing abilities into your daily life, or even acknowledge it as your professional calling. You could get out of the dishonest financial dealings and into positive financial practices and even a positive business partnership in an honest business. You could live and love in the light of honesty and truth with nothing to hide and no fears. All of this will happen if you will only BE REAL about sex, love and money. Be authentic. Stop telling yourself crappy unreal stories and re-wounding yourself.

You can heal your life. You can resurrect your life into anything you want it to be.


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