Juicy Creativity: Jupiter Transiting Your 5th House

Juicy Creativity: Jupiter Transiting Your 5th House

Jupiter takes approximately 12 years to return to the same sign. You get a Jupiter Return every 12 years when it returns to the same sign it was transiting when you were born. It always tends to be a very fortunate year in some way because you expand in your hopes, dreams, aspirations and good feelings. It can be a lazy year however because you do not want to take much initiative. That is the rub –  if you want GREAT rewards out of Jupiter years, you must take initiative to use the opportunity it presents. Use the Jupiter energy and it gives you back a great ROI. 

Jovial Jupiter On the Move

When you calculate which house it is visiting, learn the areas of life that house governs and then go all out, no holds barred (well almost no holds barred, and don’t dodo anything illegal or unethical!) and enthusiastically pursue your dreams in that area.

Jupiter is an influence that acts to expand and deepen our personal landscapes. Your confidence increases. You feel less restricted. You realize that I order to achieve anything you must have faith and least of all, believe in yourself. YOur juices are flowing and there is no drying them up during a Jupiter transit of the 5th house!

Opportunity knocks with Jupiter so answer the door!

Now that said, let us take a look at what we get as a celestial spiritual gift when Jupiter transits our 5th house. I like this house and several have written me about it recently so I wil take a look at it. From time to time over the next year I will write more on Jupiter transiting the houses.

The Fifth House

The fifth house governs your enjoyment of yourself. It takes the joyful exuberance of the ego and brings you to the point of creativity. The firth house is about creation I all its forms: love and romance, children, taking risks, gambling, fun, pregnancy, children, dating, sexual enjoyment that comes with relationships (before it is committed fully in  the 7th house marriage).

Jupiter Transiting Your Fifth House

When Jupiter transits the fifth house you can expect that as long as you walk out the door each day you will, for a year, get your fair share or more of love, romance, creative surprises and assistance, sex, , joyful times, good experiences with children, maybe eve a pregnancy. Social engagements are the order of the day, you are more willing to take risks, (but be careful not to gamble heavily) and you find there is more laughter, warmth, romance, joy, and pure fun in your life. Your mind expands with creative thoughts and you find yourself around creative, open-minded people.

You feel more relaxed about yourself, more authentic and able to let your true self be “out there”. Anyone who doesn’t like you now, well that loss doesn’t feel very heavy to you. Unlike during a 5th house Saturn transit, this loss would be like a pin prick.

Artistic Juices

Artistic endeavors and creative projects abound and you get more party invitations. Jupiter in the 5th house brings expansion, growth, luck with fertility, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, child-rearing, anything having to do with children (your own or any others in your family or among friend).  This can be a time of expanded fun and harmony with children. If you have children they do well in their endeavors and yours enjoyment with them increases. If you want a baby, pregnancy is more likely to happen now, especially will all that delicious extra sex. It is when the heavens are blessing you with a fertility and saying this it THE RIGHT TIME and that you should enjoy that lovemaking and see what it produces. You are aligned with the universe. Maybe the baby will come before the Jupiter in the 5th house transit ends!

Love Juices

For singles, meeting a special person is highly likely now. You will likely form a new relationship with someone from a very different background, ethnicity or country. Any such new relationship will not only bring delicious sex, it will teach you more about the world and how you relate to the world. If already in a love relationship, it could noticeably improve as you and your partner see the best in one another and are willing to be more flexible in solving problems, forgiving and having faith.  This is also called the house of “True Love”.  When jovial Jupiter moves through this house, your magnetism to your one true love blossoms and grows.

This love and romance aspect is also flavored with the risk-taking aspect. How? If you put yourself all out there and so does your partner and you two choose to accept the uncertainty of life, then you “win” and move into being a 7th house committed marriage.

Dating is risky. Sex is risky., someone could fail to realize how great you are LOL. Broken hearts are horrible. But put yourself out there during a Jupiter transit in the 5th house. You are more likely to win.

Adventure Juices

Travel – Jupiter rules Sagittarius the sign of traveling. Take a big vacation or many like ones. Clean out your bucket list and get out your traveling shoes and walking cane! Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Sagittarius loves to travel. Jupiter wants you to widen your world view, add depth and breadth to your persepctive. see and do new things. Even if you only get to the next county, get moving. You will find opportuities to travel far are actually available and accessible to you now. Your cup will overflow around travel unlike any other year (expect possible when Jupiter gets to your 9th house)

Possible Challenges

Remember that 5th house matters are opposite 11th house matters and square the 2nd house and 8th house life areas. That means your income, your values, your joint finances, things like taxes and debts and friends/groups/associations would have some impact on your expansion efforts. This could go either way. Your friends (11th house) could become lovers (5th house) or even inspire and empower you creatively. Be careful about taking (risks (5th house) with your money (2nd house) or other people’s money and resources (8th house).

Don’t be overbearing, arrogant and selfish. Remember that while you are AWESOME, not everyone can handle it. Only let the wild child in you out a few times a week, not every day, LOL.

Final Fun Factor

Finally, keep in mind that any of the juicy seeds you plant (things you initiate, start, delve into, make big) in in this 5th house will flower into abundance returns for the next 12 years!

Some of the possibilities you have before you while Jupiter transits the 5th house:

  • Expanded, self-confidence,  optimism and understanding of your value
  • Great desire to be sociable
  • Feeling sexier and ready for a new love
  • Creative and inspirational projects and ideas abound
  • Opportunities for public recognition and self-expression
  • Making money from your creative work
  • Pregnancy or childbirth
  • Spending more quality time with children
  • Throwing a party or even becoming the party queen/king in your social circle


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