July 2014 Forecast

July 2014 Forecast

leosun-1Dear Readers,

The transformation is underway! The month of July opens with a bang as Mercury stations direct and heads back out of Gemini. Things will beging to get straightened out, things which have stagnated will move forward and minds iwll be more clear. In two weeks we will have a Moon in Capricorn that will build to its fullness at 20º Capricorn on July 12.  It is a serious month for commitments. security, and getting the practical details of life ironed out and set place.

The moon conjoins Pluto, the planet of transformation on Friday July 11. With that, we can release and let go of whatever has been holding us back and preventing our growth and expansion. There may be some dark exchanges of words or dark internal emotions as this happens but by facing what is in the dark, we can emerge in a stronger position into the light.
July is a powerful month of changes! Bountiful Jupiter enters powerful Leo on July 16, at 3:30a.m. PT/6:30am ET/12:30pm CEST in Central Europe.  This opens 12 years of blessing for people with Sun, Moon, Ascendant of Jupiter in Leo.  If you have these placcements, expect that your creativity, enthusiasm, and luck/good fortune will burst into the limelight and go full speed ahead over the next year. Even when it retrogrades, you will have a chance to plan bigger and better profitable things for 5 months. Enjoy the next five months of it as it transits direct, then plan bigger stuff for 5 months while it is retrograde, then watch things soar for two more months before Jupiter enters Virgo.  
Saturn, the master teacher and builder, as well as the planet of structure, stations direct at 16° 39′ Scorpio on July 21, 2014, empowering us to reframe, restructure and rebuild what in our lives now that what is worthless has been broken down and left in dust. We know now what to restructure in our lives and what goals are important and Saturn will help us do accomplish things with solid speed these next four months before it enters Sagittarius in November.
The Sun enters Leo on July 22, bringing us into a month of sun-kissed, creative, inspired bliss. Look for good movies to show up at the box office and leisure and luxury to expand.
Fiery, assertive Mars is finally changes signs after either long months and enters Scorpio on  July 25. during a void of course Moon. It has been a long time. Now, for the first time since December 8, 2013,  we can better express the frustration we feel inside instead of leaking out the energy in a sideways manner. It will be powerful, sometimes combative energy but much better than repressing anger under a fake diplomatic smile. Social events will abound on that Friday evening. People will shake loose and be more honest in their expression. Mars previously entered Scorpio August 23, 2012 It was quite an emotionally volatile time in the world.  I think some sexuality issues — on the dark side even, are going to come out into the light to be dealt with between partners, in marriages, and in general in the world as a societal issue. 

We have a New Moon on July 26 as the Moon enters Leo, giving us an magnificent day for setting (and writing) intentions for prosperity. Following up on that New Moon in Leo we have Venus contacting Pluto on July 27 as Ramadan ends. Expect some creativity and passionate romance.

July ends with play a playful void of course Moon and then slides into an organizing Virgo Moon on July 29 for three days so you can get things done as the month ends. Finally, the Moon in Libra and Mercury in Libra on July 31 with close out the month. With your projects organized and maybe completed, take a break and detach a bit. 
But use all this energy to make powerful , bold, productive steps forward in the right direction in your life. Leave behind the old, the broken and the worthless. What no longer serves you well in life must stay behind while you step out into the brilliant July light!
Call me if you would like a Full Moon reading enlightening the weekend and next week!
Happy Friday evening!

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