Jupiter in Cancer 2014: Stories From Home

Jupiter in Cancer 2014: Stories From Home

Jupiter in Cancer has been with us since June 2013. If you look back over the last nine (9) months you will see that there  has been a familyheritagefocus on home, homes, housing, decoration of the home, the comforts of home, family, heritage, the body and its expansion (obesity) and ways to bring more comfort and luxury to your body and home.

Jupiter in Cancer 2014

It was only the last time that Jupiter in Cancer was in place that there was so much focus on home and family. It is a trend I rather like, as I have some planets in Cancer that Jupiter has been making feel quite cozy. Under this transit I have been investigating my family origins. In paper, my family has expanded as I have gained more knowledge about my ancestors and living relatives. My world, through my family (Cancer) has therefore expanded, which is Jupiterian.

In doing research I came across an exciting Black history project at The Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture. They are collecting and preserving stories and photographs.

Jupiter in Cancer 2014 is exciting times! We are living in exciting times!

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