Jupiter in Cancer 2013: A Wave of Self-Care

Surfer Andrea Kabwasa
Surfer Andrea Kabwasa

In the movie “The Holiday”, one of the four main characters in the ensemble cast, Amanda Burns (played by Cameron Diaz) is a workaholic who owns a company that produces movie trailers in Los Angeles. She breaks up with her unfaithful boyfriend and does a Christmas holiday house exchange with Iris Simpkins (played by Kate Winslet), a London society column editor living in Surrey, England, who tragically watches the unavailable love of her life get engaged to another woman.

They both hope to change their lives by changing  their address, at least temporarily, during the Christmas break. But the most interesting part of the film, which does not seems very significant until the very end, is that Amanda Burns cannot cry.

Despite the terrible ending of her relationship, the most she can do is have “esophageal spasms”. She gets choked up but not teared up and no tears fall. She tries to cry, but the most she does is make facial contortions and flap her arms.

She meets Iris’s brother Graham, by accident and long story short, falls in love with him. He is a widower who lives a fairly balanced life with his two daughters and is a self-described “weeper”. It is the first time she has had an honest and authentic relationship. However, she chooses to leave him and return to her imbalanced workaholic life in the USA, with no plans to return. In the limousine on the way to the airport, as she looks at her ticket, something unusual happens, Tears falls form her eyes.-. She is crying. for the first time since she was a child, she is able to cry. She becomes so filled with emotions and needs release that she is able to cry. She rushes back to Graham and….the four main characters live happily ever after, or at least enjoy a great New Year’s Eve. But I will return to Amanda’s crying because that is significant and a symbol of what we will all experience in the next two years, through mid-2014.

The Gift of Water

The ability to cry is a gift. Tears come when we are so full of emotion we must have release. The salty water that comes from our eyes is cleansing and relieving. Water is the foundation of life.

I was born on the Atlantic Ocean, baptized through immersion in it and played in it all my formative years. As an adult I kept moving west until I ended up on the Pacific Ocean. I began learning to surf and ride the waves, play volleyball along its shores and spend my mornings and evenings walking along it. I am a water baby. For me the ocean is magical. It is divine and most sacred. It is truly awe-some, larger than life and containing life. I feel a great comfort in it, knowing that even in moments where I feel too tired to swim, I can tread water or flip over onto my back and float, buoyantly carried by the waves. Water supports. Water brings life; it refreshes, releases, revives and restores.

Water washes away things and gives a fresh start and a clean new beginning or foundation. Tears, a buildup of emotion within us, reveal when we are angry, sad or happy. They give us emotional release, which is healthy.

Water also mixes well with earth to bring form and create structure. Water is an essential building ingredient.

This summer is going to be a watery summer. We now have a Grand Trine in Water – Mercury and Venus in Cancer, trine, (approximately 120 degrees away from) Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. (I will write about the Grand Trine in an upcoming article). In our everyday lives it means that our relationship lives should become more harmonious, situations should stabilize and we should overall experience more smooth flow in life than in the winter and early spring months.

Jupiter in Cancer

Adding to this on June 27, 2013, the planet Jupiter transits into, or enters, the constellation of Cancer.  Jupiter in Cancer is what we astrologers refer to as “exalted” and that is a great thing!  It means Jupiter is especially powerful.

Big Boy Jupiter lives large! Jupiter governs expansion, desires for freedom, good fortune and luck, gambling, partying (“eat, drink and be merry”) prosperity, growth. The ruler of the 9th house, it also governs 9th house issues: the law, higher education (university studies rather than high school or lower), long distance travel, contact and relations with foreign countries or people, foreign travel, humanitarianism, protection  of human rights,  is associated with the principles of growth, expansion, prosperity, and good fortune.

Cancer is the Cosmic Mother or Big Mama. The highest evolution of Cancer is healing, nurturing, and loving kindness. The gentle, sweet care we give to others is Cancerian energy.

People born with Jupiter in Cancer have a natural gift of making people feel cared for — by cooking their food (at home or moonwatercatering), cleaning their surroundings, caring for them personally and especially when ill, or by coiffing their hair. They have the magic touch making a home, no matter how little they may have to work with. They instinctively emotionally tune into emotional undertones and know just how to satisfy others. They are natural healers. They also typically have a gift for business, a knack for not only making money, but saving a great deal of it. Money buys stability and security, especially a real estate (a home).

Jupiter in Cancer’s big message, though, relates to the final scene in “The Holiday”.  In order to nurture others, care for others, show loving kindness and be healing, we must first give that energy to ourselves. In the movie “The Holiday”, Amanda Burns was a workaholic who shocked her employees by taking a Christmas vacation. She was so tight with herself emotionally, so unloving to herself, that she could not even cry in situations that called for crying. When she finally allowed herself to feel emotion and cry, she made the decision to run, not walk, back to the relationship that magically changed  her life and gave her love, safety and security. She cared for herself by allowing someone to expand her life by caring for her.

A Wave of Self-Care

Starting at the end of this month and for the next year, into July 2014, there will be more emphasis on the need to care for ourselves. Self-care will become a top priority in the next 12 months, worldwide. Self-care such as massage, facials, healthy eating, finding balance, exercise, healing methodologies, spiritual pursuits (spiritual practices courses, prayer, meditation etc),  conversations involving emotional honesty about your relationships and what kind of relationship is needed to make you feel safe and happy, saving and investing money to bring financial abundance and stability, and buying real estate  are a few of the ways Jupiter in Cancer will manifest in people’s lives. It will also be easier to get started on these things and make them a regular habit under Jupiter in Cancer energy.

You can talk with me about what Jupiter in Cancer means for you personally, issues of self-care or other topics by scheduling an astrology consultation ($180).  We will talk by telephone or Skype.

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