Jupiter in Libra 2016: Learning the Truth of Yourself Through Marriage

Jupiter in Libra 2016: Learning the Truth of Yourself Through Marriage

Relationships will be the primary focus of all our lives for the next year starting today, Friday September 9, 2016 as Jupiter leaves Virgo for Libra. The most telling changes will occur in thew first several weeks. Venus will be in her home sign (she rules Taurus and Libra) and it gives her great power. We will be focused on love, relationships, marriage and money. We will realize we want love in our lives…as well as lovely people and lovely surroundings. Someone who makes life lovely for us will be our focal point. We will do whatever it takes to get them into our lives. 

The most telling things, however will be how much we are shaken by these realizations. Our lives will change. If we do things right, our lives will become richer (even financially!) because we commit to expanding to be a couple.

Old lovers may pop up to haunt you. Step away from the corpse and let the dead stay buried. Open yourself to new love. Open yourself to friendships that have been potent with potential love. In a current relationship (friendship or lover), stare into the future of it (Jupiter) and how it might expand. How can YOU be more loving and generous to the other person, thus making life more BALANCED (Libra) and BEAUTIFUL (Libra) for both of you?

Maybe someone loves you and you have not fully realized it. Until now. What will you do? Run away ? Ignore it? Embrace it? Be cruel and selfish? Be loving and generous? The more you choose to work with Jupiter energy, the more your life expands, becomes better, grow richer,and gains more depth.

Jupiter in Libra means

  • traveling together
  • enjoying beautiful things together
  • seeking balance in your relationship
  • committing to love
  • being generous with your partner
  • serving each other’s spirit

Jupiter in Libra will reward those who are kind, gentle and nice to people. It will bless those in the coming year who are generous, gentle, open to love, willing to commit to a relationship, willing to work on marriage and make it work. You will earn the truth (Jupiter) about yourself.

Are you selfish with love or money?’

Are you generous with yourself and your resources?

Do you seek to serve or be served?

Is life all about you or are you a giver and a sharer?

Do you think your life will be richer or poorer in partnership?

What are you willing to Are you willing to commit to your relationship/marriage?

What excuses do you use to avoid commitment?

Will you invest in your financial and emotional future now?

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