Jupiter in Virgo 2015

Jupiter in Virgo 2015

altheal-2Today, August 11, 2015,  begins the year long transit of Jupiter in Virgo! Dance Harvest Queen, dance! Rejoice, Earth Mother, rejoice! This is a year when healing and reaping a harvest of whatever you have sown in life will be a focus.

After two years of painful lessons and wounding around sexuality, intimacy joint resources, debt and taxes and merged partnerships, some healing is needed. Virgo is ready and Jupiter will expand Virgos healing powers.

While we still have Saturn in Scorpio until September 18, 2015, Jupiter in Virgo will begin themes of soothing and nurturing and we will have it until early September 2016. Healing will come through practical, service-minded, efficient and highly productive methods and means.

Healing Alternatives and MethodsNatural caduceus concept, can be used for natural or alternative medicine etc.

To be healed as much as possible, we must still purge what is not adding value to our lives and what is harming us. Now we know which habits and practices are harming us in love, sex and money.

If you have a Sun in Virgo or a Virgo Rising, this is truly your year! All of us can focus on our health, our work and work routines, the organization of our homes and daily regimens, our domestic animals/pets, the way we serve others and the way we think about all of these things. These issues will loom large and call for our attention.


Virgo considered to be co-ruled by both Chiron the Wounded Healer, and Mercury, the god of communication and transportation. Health and healing is especially a theme. This is the time to bless and benefit yourself through getting your nutrition and physical exercise regimens on track and adopting new and healthy habits that will benefit you. Investigate alternative healing methods and implement them. Look into non-traditional natural methods such as chiropractic care (Chiron — chiropractic), Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, Bach’s Flower Remedies, essential oils, aromatherapy, etc. It will be an excellent 12 months for industries based on good altheal-4nutrition, green living, alternative health care, and natural ways to get healthy, which do not rely on traditional medicine or big pharma.

Examine your nutrition. Get your blood typed if you do not know it and see if you are Type O and not naturally suited to a vegetarian or vegan nutrition plan (you need to eat lean red meat, wild game, oily fish such as salmon, lots of leafy green vegetable and fruits). Maybe you are Type A and need to be a vegetarian or vegan. Maybe a macrobiotic nutrition plan or the Paleo plan is best suited for you. Overindulging in  the time to get it right. Maybe you need more supplements like calcium and magnesium for your bones.

Exercise is going to be crucial this year. You need to start a regular exercise routine and stuck with it, strengthening your bones, losing weight and building your stamina. Sleep is also crucial and you need to start taking a nap and getting 8 hours of sleep a night.

Called To Serve

Virgo is a spiritual sign. It is one half of the polarity of Virgo/Pisces. Virgo looks for ways to be practical about the expression of faith and spirituality. This is where Virgo excels because it is about being of service. Virgo is good at being the Servant the Nurse, The Teacher, The Librarian, The Midwife. The Maid. Virgo gets in their and gets her hands dirty. cleaning and organizing. Virgo energy is about being of practical, tangible service to humanity.

This is the year to start volunteering in way that make a real difference in people’s lives. Work in a homeless shelter and help people have safety and security at night. Volunteer at a soup kitchen and service hungry people food. Join Habitat for Humanity and help build homes for people or repair homes. Deliver Meals on Wheels to elderly people. Get involved in a community service organization like Junior League. Soroptimist, International, jujpiterinvirgoserviceKiwanis or Rotary Club International. Join the PTA, There are many choices. Start giving back.

As a practical and mutable Earth sign, Virgo favors a focus on research, communication and learning about healthy ways of living and opportunities to be of service to others. It will be a year of practical application of this learning. Look for new communication forms to be introduced and refined. Periscope, a live chat tool under Twitter, is a new communication form and while it arose under Jupiter in Leo, with it dramatic spotlight, it will be refined under Jupiter in Virgo and chats on it will be better organized.

If you are doing unhealthy things, this is the year to stop and change your ways because whatever unhealthy things you insist on doing now, will likely become chronic or fatal issues for you. You may not see it now but it will show up after Jupiter leaves Virgo.

The Year 2003

Think back to 2003 when Jupiter was last in Virgo. What was that year, Aug 28 2003 to 26 Sept 2004? What issues arose? What events happened? Here are some:

  • Facebook was launched (February 4, 2004)
  • Hubble showed us amazing things
  • Saddam Hussein was caught and no WMDs were found in Iraq (September 2003)

When Facebook was launched there was a  Sun /Neptune conjunction in Aquarius, Uranus and Venus in Pisces, Pluto in Sagittarius and Jupiter at 17° Virgo. The target group was insecure college students looking for a way to have community while rating and degrading each other, including or excluding each other and deciding who was worth “friending” based on their looks. This shows you the worst and best aspects of this communication giant. Status updates blow everything in life out of normal proportion. Private lives are on show. Psychological games are played. Communities are created and brought together. But something insidious and addictive (Neptune) is still there. False love and liking and fake emotions through Facebook communication (Uranus and Venus in Pisces). People hit people deeply below the belt using Facebook as a weapon of exclusion, defamation and bullying and then move on as though other people’s humanity is irrelevant (Pluto in Sagittarius). There is an underlying detached coldness (Aquarius) to all the ego-centered exhibitionism (Sun).

Do not allow the little things to become overblown. Jupiter in Virgo indicates small details might get blown into big arguments if you are not conscious. Float, float. Jupiter co-rules Pisces (along with Neptune). Focus on the big picture while taking care of the details and you will see your dreams manifest.

 Jupiter in Virgo Abundance

Jupter in Virgo will bless you abundantly between August 11, 2015 – September 9, 2016 if you are

  • honest (practice what you preach)
  • analytical
  • clean
  • helpful
  • practical
  • orderly
  • detail-oriented
  • service-minded
  • diligent about practicing good nutrition
  • attentive to your health and healing methods

Jupiter in Virgo will show you clearly where you have no faith, where unhealthy attitudes and practices are hiding,  where you are wounded and where/how you need healing to be whole.

We begin the transit of Jupiter through Virgo with a square to Saturn in Sagittarius which will continue to unfold into next year. Thoughts become things. Whatever thoughts and beliefs you hold in your head will come to pass in the physical. Wherever you apply hard work yo will see manifestation. Jupiter in earthy Virgo and Saturn in fiery Sagittarius will be active from September 2015  and for months going forward. We need strong positive visions and faith in order to create the perfectly wonderful world we desire for ourselves and others. We will heal ourselves through the power of our minds which will reflect the faith we have in our spirits.

Manifestation by Melissa Wood
Manifestation by Melissa Wood


Healthy body. Healthy mind. Healthy spirit. Do the hard work to have those three things and watch the blessings flow and your world grow.

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