Jupiter in Virgo: Reality Invading Your Dreams

Jupiter in Virgo: Reality Invading Your Dreams

It’s a great day today with a stellium in Leo trining Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces. This is some powerful FIRE energy to support your passions and help you make your dreams come true by applying some realistic grounding to them.


This Jupiter-Neptune opposition also occurred in 2008. This is about a Big (Jupiter) delusion (Neptune), or the need to make sure your dreams (Pisces) can actually manifest through grounding them in reality (Virgo).
Remember, Saturn — currently at 29 Scorpio and about to ingress (enter) Sagittarius — is squaring both Jupiter and Neptune. That means the lie(s) are not only within or around us locally; they are worldwide.  Look for some hidden deceits around faith and religion to burst out into the open!

Catching Dreams, Exposing Lies

This Jupiter-Saturn–Neptune aspect will be with us for the next several months. It starts with a small gentle push, urging you to get grounded, live in truth, accept and incorporate reality, purge what is false and of no value and both create and shape your dreams within sensible realistic boundaries. Creator wants the good things for you. The universe is there for you to work with, not against it. You can still dream and see dreams come true. This aspect tells us all that if we want to see dreams come true, get real. If we are living a lie or telling a lie, our delusions will dissolve and our lies, delusions and deceits will be made naked.

Being Real

If you are only dreaming (Pisces) and not prepared to back it up with doing (Virgo), it will fail. Jupiter in Virgo is coming along to give a large dose of substance to the Neptune in Pisces dream. Saturn in Sagittarius will ensure it allows for freedom of expression but within limitations. Heed the message and it will all work out well. Reality (Virgo) is invading your dreams (Pisces) but that is a wholly good thing!

What is a nagging reality now will become a loud smashing wrecking ball hitting a stone wall in the future.

It is like a small pain in your tooth. Go to the dentist now and get it taken care of before it becomes a painful cavity that ruins your day.

Virgo Charges Up!

Virgo? Check! Virgo? Check! Virgo? Check!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday has the Moon in Virgo and on Sunday the star players — the Sun and Moon –  come together to make a brilliant partial New Moon solar eclipse.

Jupiter in Virgo Suggestions

Check your chart (order a consultation with me) to see where Virgo and the 21 Virgo eclipse) fall because those three days will be hyper-Virgo charged! Supporting this energy is the Venus/Mars conjunction in Leo and Uranus is trining it! WOW oh WOW what EEENNNNNNERRRGY!
From now until mid September 2016, you have support to
  • clarify what is false and what is real in your home and work life
  • ground your dreams in reality so they can manifest
  • integrate honest and open best practices into your daily life
  • strengthen and organize your work routines
  • powerfully expand your work/career
  • dramatically cleanse your body, mind and spirit
  • expand your thinking to alternative methods in healthcare and work routiness
  • understand clearly who is and is not an asset to your life (who supports you or not)
  • sweep the confusion and hidden stuff from the dark corners into the light of reality and deal squarely and openly with them
  • make your life work better
  • understand how animals fit into your life and if necessary, make improvements in that area

Virgo in Your Chart

Where are  the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune transiting in your chart?

Today certainly is an awesome day for me because it hits me in all the right places — a creative (Leo), independent, assertive, passionate (Aries) astrologer (with prominent personal Uranus and Aquarius placements). Take advantage of  this PERFECT opportunity! (Uh-oh, perfect…did I write “perfect” during this Virgo super-party? Yes, I did!!!) If you want to get to know yourself  or your child better — or perhaps your relationship with your spouse/partner, now is a good time to book a consultation and partner with me so you can take charge of your life.

Virgo Plans

Virgo knows the dream (Pisces) but make practical plans towards it, rather than expecting it to POOF out of the sky. Virgo does the hard work behind the scenes that when it meets opportunity(Pisces magic) it seems like it was luck to other people

Remember — Jupiter in Virgo is about serving BIG, thinking BIG and expanding your world through these things. I urge you to especially look outside traditional methods or methods you have tried in the past. Find new ways of serving other, thinking, being creative, healing yourself and others etc, It will gome back to you in a BIG way and when you wish upon a star (and are ready to put best practices in action)…….your dreams will come true!

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