Jupiter in Libra 2016: Beautiful Gentle Endings

Jupiter in Libra 2016: Beautiful Gentle Endings

Astrology works! It tells us about the cycles of our human lives. If you live long enough, you get to see it. Take the case of “Brangelina” – celebrity couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Jupiter ingressed Libra, the sign of love, marriage, divorce, art, beauty, cosmetic surgery,  luxury living, in September 2004 and stayed there until October 2005. In January 2005, Brad Pitt announced his separation from his wife, actress Jennifer Aniston. He filed for divorce in March 2005. In April 2005 he was photographed on the beach with his Mrs . and Mrs. Smith co-star, actress Angelina Jolie, on the beach in Kenya with her adopted son, Maddox. In June 2005, Mr. and Mrs. Smith premiered, and Jennifer Aniston was inferred to be a childless, cold career woman while W Magazine featured followed by a jaw-dropping spread in W magazine with Pitt and a maternal elegant Jolie titled “Domestic Bliss: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at Home.”

Bye-Bye Brangelina?

On September 9, 2016, Jupiter again ingressed Libra. On September 15, 2016, one day before the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt separated. On September 19, 2016, Jolie officially filed for divorce. After a year of rumors about a troubled marriage under Jupiter in Virgo, the relationship split became official. The official version is that it is best for the “health” of the family (children)”. Jolie filed for full physical custody of all the children. Saturn in Sagittarius (Pitt’s Sun sign) symbolizes restrictions and limitations. He could well lose custody and general contact with his children. There are rumors of Pitt having anger problems, being harsh with the children and having an affair with co-star actress Marion Cotillard.  It is rumored Jolie suspected Pitt and Cotillard of doing to her what Pitt and she did to Aniston 12 years ago.

While these two could reconcile, such a reconciliation might only be a prelude to years of ups and downs. Their opposite Sun signs can be polarized or complimentary. Right now, they are polarized. It could be an on-off relationship that creates lots of drama. Jolie’s life has historically been filled with drama and dramatic romantic relationships.

Remember the polar opposite sign of Libra is Aries, so there IS blood and war lurking below the surface in this divorce. We may or may not see it but it is there!

Saturn, The Lord of Karma

Karma DOES come back around and when it is not good karma it painfully bites you on the butt.

Saturn cycles affect us every 7, 14, 21 and 28 years, bringing back to us the results of what we did in the past Time ALWAYS catches up to us. We can never outwit it or outrun it. However if we sow good seeds by  doing what is right (even when it is hard) and act maturely, we reap a good harvest when Saturn comes around to check on us. We get promotions, expansions, prestige, stability, security and reward.

Saturn is the Lord of Karma. Saturn in Sagittarius is putting the kibosh on excessive freedom and awakening some people to their out-of-bounds behavior. Freedom comes through commitment. If you don’t get heed the message early on, it comes down like a hammer and you lose something valuable. You experience painful endings such as divorce. But as Libra and Sagittarius are sextile, it opens the door for beautiful, gentle ending. The ending will come for some couples but it won’t be as harsh and bloody as it could be.

Expansion and Limitations

While Jupiter is the more visible player in this divorce (Jupiter in Libra), Saturn is effecting the stronger more lasting change. Both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are going to take some hits in this. Angelina Jolie may try to pull her punches behind the scenes but the veneer of her facade is thin; many remember her trouble dramatic lifestyle before she began her affair with Brad Pitt. He may be painted by her as a child-abusing alcoholic and she may wish to take the children out of the country and only allow him to visit the children at her convenience, but Saturn, the Lord of Karma, may have other ideas. Actress Halley Berry tried to do the same and lost her bid for sole physical custody of ther child against Olivier Martinez.

Jupiter is a planet which brings blessings and I think that it will soften this divorce and even the custody issue. Brad Pitt has filed for joint custody. It is interesting that Angelina Jolie leans towards re-creating the same single-mother scenario in which she was raised, leaving the children with no father present in their lives. She is still estranged from her father, actor Jon Voight. She did not invite him to their wedding on August 23, 2014.


William Bradley Pitt

Brangelina is a bust — but what about Brad and Angelina as individuals? I calculated a chart for Brad Pitt for September 20, 2016 ( the day Angelina Jolie filed for divorce). Brad Pitt has a Sagittarius Ascendant so Saturn is transiting into his first house, symbolizing lessons and losses around the ego. Often we even lose a lot of weight when Saturn transits our first house. Maybe he will get thinner and healthier as he loses some middle-age weight. Neptune is in his 11th house so this could be a tricky PR situation as far as his connections to friends and associations. He will need to be absolutely honest and transparent with them in order to retain them. With Mars transiting his 1st house it is likely there are some temporary frustration and anger that has risen to the surface. We have had Mars and Saturn revving up us all because of misplaced and unexpressed sexual energy. He is soon to have his Mars Return in his 1st house. He has been experiencing the confusion, delusions, frustrations and limitations of Saturn square Neptune between his 11th and 2nd houses for the last year. Known as a solid man of integrity and common sense from the Midwest region of teh USA with the exception of his divorce from Jennifer Aniston, he has a lot to protect and a lot to lose if he mishandles this divorce situation by showing anger or aggression. With the karmic nature of this situation, he best position is one of humble acceptance, absolute transparency and honesty and to do what is right.


Angelina Voight Jolie Pitt

Under this divorce filing, we can see Angelina Jolie Pitt is experiencing her Neptune square Neptune early midlife transit so we must reserve judgement and wait to see what is the truth and what is a lie in whatever she says and does. Delusions can be multiple. Drama is prominent in her life and she wants to be seen with her Leo 1st house. Everything is calculated to be SEEN. Her Neptune square Neptune (early midlife transit) involves her 5th (children) and 8th houses. The 8th house is where a marriage is lived after the 7th house wedding. Something is hidden. Something is not being honestly revealed. Angelina Jolie Pitt is no angel or holy Virgin Mother in this situation. She has also been experiencing the Saturn Square Neptune transit in this house as well as the Mars-Saturn conjunction. The presence of Mars speaks of possessiveness, sexuality and maybe even revenge using the children. I think it may be a while before we learn the truth of  her role is in this divorce and family drama involving children.

For now, it appears to be a rather beautiful and gentle divorce. For now, we will wait…

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