Jupiter in Libra: Commitment, Counseling and Fighting For Marriage

Jupiter in Libra: Commitment, Counseling and Fighting For Marriage

Under Jupiter in Libra the issues of marriage and divorce will be prominent. One of the things I think that will come out of this, because it is Jupiter, not Saturn in Libra, is a focus on pre-marital counseling before the wedding and marriage counseling as a matter of course during a marriage and/or because of conflict. People will have more readiness, more heart, for trying to work through the problems or at least to have mediation in a more gentle divorce. The issue of marriage counseling is strong in my mind and I have been thinking about it quite a bit lately. There are some things you should know about marriage counseling before you start.


Before You Begin Marriage Counseling

There are three things for you to be clear about in your mind before you start your sessions:

1. The therapist is not responsible for fixing your relationship. 

You will get guidance for making changes and those changes will mostly occur outside the session.

2. You must each be clear that you have a role in the marriage problems

Take responsibility for your part in the conflicts. In some way you have either initiated or played along with things. Do not take blame for things thinking it will make or maintain the peace (that in itself is a problem). If each person takes responsibility, you can more quickly resolve things.

3. Come to agreement on the meaning of your relationship and how willing you are to make constructive changes.

When both partners make credible, constructive changes that are meaningful for their partner, it is affirming and initiates more constructive change. As this continues, with some changes being more difficult than others, the partners and the relationship will strengthen.

When high levels of anger and resentment are present, it is challenging to get to the place of owning your role, let alone be willing to change! This is perfectly normal.

These three initial steps will set a firm foundation for a positive marriage counseling process. You will be better able to deal with the challenges and changes that marriage and marriage counseling will involve.

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