Jupiter in Libra: Love Abounds

Jupiter in Libra: Love Abounds

We may be dealing with Mars in Sagittarius squaring off with Sun and Mercury Rx in Virgo but we have some awful good stuff happening because of Jupiter in Libra! Despite all challenges and blockages, I can feel the LOVE that is out there. People are falling in love, calling me about love. Love stories are appearing in so many news articles. Love, love,love! Soak in the love! This is Jupiter in Libra. It brings us the ability to expand our world through opening ourselves to love and commitment to relationships and ultimately, marriage. 

Love, Marriage and Divorce

I have been noticing that some are facing divorce and that is truly the underbelly of marriage. We will see this happening quite a bit. But guess what? I am seeing these divorces comes with a sense of freedom from something long-dead. If a divorce brings liberation, then that is Jupiter in Libra!

Ther eis a movie coming out about a couple whose last name was Loving. They were an interracial couple in the USA that was discriminated against for falling in love with one another. Make sure you see it.

There is nothing quite so good as LOVE. It makes the world brighter and lighter. It puts a pep in your step. When you have that partner in life you realize you cna do so much, because you are not alone in this world anymore.

May we all experience committed love in this Jupiter in Libra period, especially those who have ben without it for a very long time. I think the drought is done.

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