Jupiter Opposition Chiron 2016: Popping Balloons

Jupiter Opposition Chiron 2016: Popping Balloons

In a world where negativity runs rampant. someone who is positive and passionate easily becomes a target for haters. That is what we are facing with the third and final hit of Jupiter in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces. Under this aspect there is a mixed blessing, both joy and pain, both wounding and healing.

Chiron in Pisces: Haters Gonna Hate and Lie

This aspect occurred November 3, 2015 at 17 ° Pisces. The second hit was February 23, 2016 at 20° Pisces and it was a direct reminder of the November pain. The third and final hit is August 12, 2016 at 24° Pisces.  Jupiter in Virgo means that you tried to find some solution for the pain, to appease the haters or make changes in yourself to stop the pain and heal the wound.  But Chiron in Pisces drove the tendency for the haters to pick at the wound and rip off the scab until it would not stop bleeding. It is hard to find out how to resolve something if the person complaining about it/hating on you refuses to cooperate in the healing, merely liking to moan and complain and see you squirm and hurt.

Would I Lie To You? Yes.

Now you know that the more you expand, the bigger a target you are for the haters. No wonder celebrities develop such thick skins and seclude themselves away from the public. Ask anyone rising to the top in their workplace or industry. Popularity breeds backlash. Passion spurs jealousy.  Combined with a With Neptune in Pisces in the mix, the hate is driven by a fog of falsehoods, lies and obfuscation of the truth.

Caféé Chaos

I once threw my passion (with great initiative and skill) for humanity into benefitting a non-profit café as a volunteer and the haters in the organization savaged me out of jealousy. The larger a presence I became at Caféé Chaos, the more they resented and hated me. I repeatedly had to say something about the lack of hygiene/cleanliness in the bar because most did not care to keep it clean. I was also the most active volunteer, seeking to benefit the café, while for the majority it was a free after-hours party place. I created events to bring in a wider range of clientele and to make money for the café. One patriarchal man, Amir,  unethically (and in a workplace, illegally) harassed me there almost daily online for five months with criticisms and complaints in private messages. He hated on me constantly. He whined and gossiped about me daily. A small group of women there then spent great amounts of time, I sadly learned from someone else) plotting to make up lies, and contriving false complaints about how “everyone hates” me and even discussing how to circulate a lie that I was allegedly stealing. (Stealing was something the volunteers in the café do daily…large and small amounts of money, flatware, margarita pitchers, alcohol, candle holders, you name it).

This was supported by an insecure power-hungry and bullying temporary manager, Alexandra or Alex as she liked to be called) going through her Saturn Return in Sagittarius and looking to get rid of someone (her words).  The general manager over her admitted to me he had no skills in negotiation or mediation therefore he would not try to resolve the situation properly. He felt it was better for me to be maligned, lied about and banned from the organization rather than to take responsibility as a leader and handle the situation. The board chairman over him, a very nice man, sympathized but said he could do nothing but watch it all happen. Even worse, another volunteer, a man who claimed to be my friend and with whom I had a growing personal connection, was so afraid that these unethical, immoral people would dislike him for his relationship with me that he lied to me about his feelings for me, joined them in gossiping about me and then actually slammed the café door in my face.

Chiron in Pisces is the slower mover in this opposition with Jupiter in Virgo so it has the strong effect and in this case it means it gets to exact deep pain on the person filled with joy (Jupiter in Virgo).

Improved Perspective

Jupiter has been in hiding for five months while retrograde. Now it is back out in the limelight for its final few weeks before ingressing Libra. This final hit on August 12, 2016 is about healing the wound before September 9 (New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo). It is about integrating the lessons you have learned from the wounding and using it to make any necessary changes to heal. It does not mean the haters were right about you. It means you need to surround yourself with more positive open-minded people (Jupiter), have more faith in your Creator /Universe (Jupiter) and increase your self-esteem (Jupiter).

In the Caféé Chaos situation, I have had to step back and look at some important pieces. Most central was that I am a woman with a Sun and in fact a stellium, in Virgo, There at Caféé Chaos I met a man with a stellium in Sagittarius. With this square aspect etween us, in two stelliums, we were there to learn from each other and to gift each other. With Jupiter in Virgo shining on my Sun and  other Virgo planets I was a light in his life. Jupiter rules his Sun ad other Virgo planets in his stellium. We had potential bigger than….Jupiter! I embraced his call to be spontaneous and he loved my joy and attention to detail. He was also grounding for me, with a serious Saturn in Sagittarius.

But, when I forcefully set Amir straight about his boundary violations against me for five months, Amir ran crying and shaking to this Sagittarius friend… who then spoke against me and comforted this man. He was unaware of his daily attacks on me. Had Amir done to him what he did to me daily, this man would have emotionally shut down. This Sagittarius friend did not ask me what would have made me so upset that I would speak out forcefully to this man. Painfully to me, he turned his back and comforted my tormentor and maligned me, afraid to associate with me because he feared people would not like him.

Now, the healing can begin for me. Time has passed and I have been able to gain perspective.  This Sagittarius man (also getting the square of Chiron in Pisces) has shown me the positive value of being spontaneous and adventurous. Sadly, he still remains imprisoned in a psychological and emotional cage, afraid that the other volunteers there will not be his friend or will say something negative about him if he associates with me. But I learned from him. I took a chance to open up (Jupiter) to him after being closed down for a long time. Now I know I can be more open again. Healing. Because of him I also have learned how important some other goals are to me and I am moving forth to achieve them. The people who abused me at the café are not worth my time or tears. I have left Caféé Chaos behind in many ways. My outlook on life is changed, healed.

Passion and Play

Have you noticed how people have gotten so passionate and excited about Pokemon Go? It is not something I am interested in, but I notice that there are quite a few haters complaining about it, mocking the people playing it and otherwise spitting daggers out of their mouths regarding the game and the people who play it. Games, by the way, are a Jupiter thing. Sure, the haters are right that people are looking for an escape and that this fantasy game is just that. Maybe some go overboard and put themselves in danger in their passion for find one of those Pokemon. But in the end, it is a positive thing, something people are enjoying instead of complaining about how the 1% have 99% of the money, climate change is destroying the planet and Great Britain is leaving the European Union.

It’s Healing, Now Go Back Out and Play

I remember playing in the yard or neighborhood and of course occasionally falling and hurting myself. Something was always getting scraped, bruised or cut. Sometimes some kids were bullies about it and laughed about someone else’s pain.  My father or mother cleaned the wound, kissed it, put a bandage on it if needed and sent me back out to play.

Feel Your Pain

Think about the negativity floating out there, I think people are at this point unconscious about the level of pain they feel and are therefore expressing over over other’s who have joy and passion. Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, wants to let it all hung out and enjoy the moment. Chiron opposing Jupiter is about projecting your own pain onto someone else who is obviously not feeling it.  You then determine you will make them feel pain. You emotionally throw acid in their face for laughing and enjoying themselves. You emotionally pop their balloons, feeling satisfied when they crash to the ground. This is pure Jupiter in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces.

For those that are experiencing the joy of Jupiter Virgo, keep at it. Do not let your joy be stolen from you. You cannot sit inside worried about that others will say about you if you do your thing. You have a right to be all you can be as a human being and  that will put you in the spotlight. It will expand your life at times. Your knee still hurts but you get back in the game and keep playing and having fun. You are not perfect and some flaws were pointed out. You can do something about some of them but you are going to continue living life in the meantime. You learn to have compassion for yourself and live with what hurts. That is healing (Chiron).

Cure For What Ails You

Stop complaining about others (even to the point of lying and fabricating reasons to hate on them). Admit you do not have their level of passion, joy and exuberance and wish that you did. Either choose to learn from them or get out of their way and do it diplomatically and honestly.
What are YOU passionate about?

Do you fimd yourself angry or irritated at someone else who is passiomate in life?

If so, what do you think is the REAL source of your anger or irritation?

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