Karmic Chickens Come Home: Transiting Saturn Square Or Opposite natal Saturn

Karmic Chickens Come Home: Transiting Saturn Square Or Opposite natal Saturn


Are you a “do right woman” or “do right man”? If not, and you experience a Saturn transit you will wish you were. It will be like a scene from Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. When Saturn transits natal Saturn, there is hard pressure, grinding pressure, rock solid pressure, to do the right thing. Saturn is the Lord of Karma and when you ave a Saturn square or Saturn opposition, the karmic chickens come home to roost.

Saturn demand we get real, so it brings us experiences to give us a reality check. What did you do 7 years ago, 14 years a ago, 21 years ago? have you matured through doing what you were supposed to do?

The Seven Year Cycle

In the last 7 years we have experienced

Saturn in Virgo – do the mature and right thing around work, routines and our health

Saturn in Libra – do the mature and right thing around marriage and relationships

Saturn in Scorpio – do the right thigng about sex, intimacy, power and money

Now we are facing Saturn in Sagittarius at the end of this year. This will be a clarion call to do the right thing around morals and ethics, be principled (have an ethical moral code and stick to your principles), yet be open to diversity in people and cultures and embrace diverse perspectives and new ideas. 

How will you handle establishing, clarifying and adhering to your own moral code AND allowing others to have the freedom to have their own? That flexibility and freedom is called for under Saturn in Sagittarius. You may need to educate yourself formally or informally in order to accomplish this. You may also be called to teach during this time because of your ethics and moral and ability to be open to diversity and allowing others their freedom as you desire yours. If you do not operate as an ethical person with a high moral code and a sense of personal freedom and/or you try to restrict others in their living, you will hit the wall during this transit.


Mutable Signs In the Spotlight 2015-2017

What you did seven (7) years ago under Saturn in Virgo will be reflected in what happens now. You will reap the results or as is said, the chickens will come home to roost and you must face the consequences of the choices you have made these last seven years. Cluck, cluck. Caw, caw.

If you have Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces, the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius will be significant for you. The houses where those planet reside will be lit up like a stage for all the world to see the drama that plays out on it.

What if you resisted making changes and doing the right thing but want to do so now? Saturn does reward efforts to make changes, even at a late date, so if you know what you did that was not right and mature, and you start working now to correct it, things will eventually work out well. Be prepared that it will be hard work; however, you still have time under Saturn in Scorpio, to get it right. 

What if you blew off your lessons, ignored calls to do the right thing these last seven (7) years and resisted the pressure? You will see very negative results in your life. You will notice you have caused damage in your life as well as the lives of others affected by you. You will awaken and notice you are left behind in life. 

What if you did right? Well, you can look back and see the progress, prosperity and rewards in your life. 

Most people realize they must handle things right and they get to work and do it. They want the reward, the gold star, the “A” in life. They want the sense of accomplishment. A minority do not. 

Do the right thing.

Do the right thing.

Seven years out you will see the positive results and reap the positive rewards.

If not, you will hear the cluck cluck, caw, caw of those birds…….

Book a reading today and gain insight on what you need to do under Saturn in Sagittarius.

What do you feel is the right thing to do in your life?

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