LAZY HAZY CRAZY DAY: August 29, 2014 – Sun Opposite Neptune

The weekend arrives slowly on Friday August 29, 2014 with a lazy, somewhat confusing aspect of Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces. It was in loose orb during the New Moon in Virgo, but now is exact. The marine layer floating overhead Monday through Wednesday has settled into a thick fog

We could all use some soda, pretzels, beer and a pleasant picnic by the beach. Many are emotionally and spiritually worn out by the emotional and spiritual beating they took in the first half of the week from Venus and Jupiter square Mars/Saturn and now on top of that there is now confusion from the Sun and Neptune opposite one another.

By now everyone is on edge, feeling extremely sensitive and unable to shield emotionally from anything coming from other people and situations. Trying to accomplish things only bring self-criticism or what vaguely seems like criticism (or is in actuality vague criticism/complaints with no solutions. Criticism is a flip side of the Virgo gift for details.

Those who have Sun, Mercury, Mars or Venus in Pisces in early degrees (1-10) may have great difficulty making decisions or taking action.They may be lying to themselves or others (including you!). On the positive side, these poeple could be so spiritually attuned and evolved they are making slow and methodical (Virgo) moves to merge/connect (Pisces). If so, be gentle and work with them. They may be sensitive and scared, but they have a plan for complete connection and they are slowly working towards its fulfillment.

A Clear Solution

If you can do it, take Friday off. Be alone. Sleep. Read, Paint or draw. Write. Listen to or play music. Meditate.Listen to inspirational audio tapes or watch inspirational programs. Let your imagination go with some movies.  If you must work and/or cannot be alone the entire day, clear your schedule as much as possible so you only need work on one or two large tasks that do not require a lot of detail. Be easy on yourself. You need and deserve a break and these things will subconsciously and gently prepare you for the time when you need to be more motivated.

Ben gentle in your words to yourself and to others.

When the world is too much with you, use Neptune’s higher expression of creativity and spirituality instead of its lower destructive  expressions of escape: alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, self-harm or suicide , to communicate (Virgo) and connect (Pisces).

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