Leaving the Circle: April 4, 2015 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Leaving the Circle: April 4, 2015 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

crapagainThe Full Moon lunar eclipse, a Blood Moon, occurs at 5:05 AM (PST)/8:05 (EST) / 12:05 PM (UT) on Saturday April 4, 2015 at 14°Libra 24. It is a short eclipse but it packs a big wallop! Expect definite endings…but also new beginnings will be finally released into the light.

If you have been paying attention to these blog posts for the past three years then you know that this eclipse marks the final ending of the Uranus/Pluto square that has challenged and stretched all of us collectively and individually since June 2012.

The last exact Uranus Pluto square was on March 17, 2015, and this eclipse falls within 1’ of that point, delineating the figurative “crossing of the finish line” for some situations in your life. Although you thought you could not make it through, you did! You endured.

Now you can ask yourself some questions that will empower you to take the meaning of this time period and do something useful with it in your life:

Ask yourself:

  1. Have I opened my life to fair and just consideration for myself and others during this time?
  2. How did I reconstruct my self psychologically over the past three years?
  3. How have I expanded and grown?
  4. How do I comfort myself in healthy ways?
  5. What unhealthy emotional behaviors did I recognize in myself but tried to disassociate from, suppress, or repress during these three years?
  6. In what areas of life do I now have better balance?

Sabian Symbol – 15 Libra: Going In Circles

Dealing With the Crap That Comes Around Again

The karmic degree for this lunation is 14 Libra, A Noon Siesta, indicating a time of disinterest, lack of movement, or taking a pause in life.

Now with this degree of the Full Moon, we are faced with situations that seems to be a repeat of the past. We may even feel frustrated and angry that past situations, circumstances and people come back into our lives. You can expect that this is exactly what will happen. The past will come back to haunt some people. Some people will be required to deal with situations from as far back as their birth, and learn to accept the painful truth that has come to sit in their face. There is no escaping it. It will keep coming back until you deal rightly and fairly with it.

The quest degree or the degree representing forward movement form this lunar eclipse is 16 Libra: A boat landing washed away. In the days and weeks to come, up to six months form now, we will be isolated by our inaction, forced to to deal with what we refused to voluntarily accept and integrate. Some of us will be forced to face punishment for our inaction where we should have acted.

My relatives in the Northeast USA have talked to me on the telephone numerous times about the great number of winter snow storms they have endured this year. This entire region has been hit hard with record snow and more snow, coupled with high winds that blew it up to third story windows. Now in the light of a new season, we are venturing out to explore the fresh new world being unearthed in light and sunshine to connect with others. We have been hiding out in the dark basement and now we have some up from below thinking the storm has passed and all is okay. But it is not, as this degree reveals. Thins are smashed, broken strewn about, undone and incomplete. We must rebuild from the ground upwards.

Screen+Shot+2011-09-29+at+11.59.52+PMRelationships will be in HIGH focus under this eclipse with women playing a central role. Some people, full of fear, expressing rage and resentment, will be making excuses instead of fixing things. Some will be brave enough to have the needed conversations and undertake the right deeds. I am concerned that many people will feel emotionally overwhelmed and yet powerless to do anything about it; feeling this, they may react in rage, anger and violence. I expect to hear about many arguments in the coming week.  Families and relationships may be torn apart by revelations that speak the truth….BUT they can be repaired and rebuilt into a new construction.

Here is the truth: some people will think they can suppress, repress  — and they will be emotionally or physically violent to accomplish this end. But they are only setting themselves up for an even bigger, painful mess in the future.

There are other tools that can be used to deal with this period of time. Venus and Mars in Taurus give us impetus to relax, eat well, stay hydrated, sleep eight hours a night, meditate and pray.

Reflect on the past three years. Reflect on the truth that has come to your attention, accepting and integrating it. Spend time with people who treat you with love, for that is true love (saying you love someone and then being abusive to them is not love). Fix your relationships with yourself and other people. Doing the right thing, saying the right thing, living in truth and honesty, is the only way to stop going in circles and move forward.

You may not want to hear the truth and may refuse to deal with the past, but suppression and repression is no longer an option.

One of my clients, Mandy, has been dealing with an enmeshed man who is in an unhealthy relationship with his manipulative mother. She ended the relationship, finally realizing that he is enmeshed with his mother and that he is not treating her as he should; his mother is the #1 female in life and will always be, unless he nearly miraculously gathers strength to separate psychologically from his mother. Mandy faced him with the fact that his mother openly speaks badly of Mandy and a host of other enmeshed behaviors. Mandy finally faced him with the fact that he fears being unloved by his mother and will not be with Mandy because his mother has made him believe it is disloyalty to her. The solar eclipse of March 20 brought Mandy to the precipice of a new relationship with a new male (solar energy) and now with the lunar eclipse she has closed the door ion that dead relationship. She stopped going in circles and started walking ahead, alone. I know she can find REAL love now

This lunar eclipse tags onto the March 20, 2015 total solar eclipse that brought 19 years of something to face the music and be resolved. Look back to who/what you started trying to control and dominate 19 years ago. Look to what you started doing, saying and believing in 1996 that needs to be addressed so you can stop repeating the negative, unhelpful past and start moving forward in open, honest clarity. Stop being a fool.

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