Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: January 31, 2018 – Release

Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: January 31, 2018 – Release

Under today’s Super Moon – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, release whatever is not working for you (attitude, relationship, behavior etc) and be open to the void. Sit with the emptiness and watch Source filling with your needs and desires.

This Full Moon in Leo and the coming New Moon in Aquarius closes out the last six months. Like a volcano that naturally releases pressure, so must you release the gunk below the surface. This release empowers you.

This feminine energy is coming from the Leo Full Moon conjunction Ceres. This about Every Woman (thank you, Chaka Khan) in traditional motherhood, nurturing, independence, single motherhood, and the working woman.

I think we will soon hear news about women’s bodies, women’s rights, abortion, birth control, mothers, rape and sexual assault, single motherhood, girl power. These conversations will be full of fire – this IS a LEO Full Moon, after all. There is a lot of arrogant fragile male ego involved and women will need to stand up for themselves and navigate their future. The anger and frustration needs to be released. We have not heard the end of it.

The goddess Ceres had to negotiate with her husband for the return of her daughter Proserpina/Persephone who was kidnapped and raped daily by her uncle in a “marriage”. Ceres was a powerful woman who did not rest until she could gain the return of her daughter.You KNOW she was angry, but she was also determined to do whatever she had to do to secure her daughter’s freedom. Think about the horrible background of all that. That bears the tone of the ugliness we are facing in many places over how women are being treated and now women are standing up and say #MeToo and #NoMore.


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
January 31, 2018
5:37AM PST
11°37 Leo

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