Leo Rising: A Very Good Year!

Leo Rising: A Very Good Year!

Lion Queen by Elheldil14 on DeviantArt

For people with a Leo Ascendant or Leo Rising, summer 2014 to summer 2015 is going to be a very good year. The Sun is shining on your face, warming you and your life to a magnificent glow. Opportunity abounds and matters that seemed to be stuck will loosen and free themselves so you can walk the land of your life with a proud and mighty stance, head held high. You have been a wounded lion these past several years but now yo can roar and let your natural nobility shine forth.

As you can guess I want to talk about Leo. But you are not quite on the mark. More specifically want to discuss those who have a Leo Ascendant or Leo Rising sign. As you may know, horoscopes are best read according to your Ascendant or Rising sign, not your Sun sign, unless they are the same. Be sure to order a natal chart report so you can know your exact Ascendant or Rising sign.

royalaffectionLeo — Queens and Kings of the Zodiac

Leo is symbolized by The Lion. The lion is a mighty and proud animal. It is regal and noble. In the solar system it is the star Regulus, which is the outline of a lion, that is the star or royalty and nobility. When you see a male lion, with his full main, it inspires you to roar, to put on your best and to say loudly and proudly. A lioness, even though she has no mane, is a beautiful mate alongside the lion. She is strong, regal and noble. She is fierce in caring for her family. The lion and lioness are both loyal to each other. They LOOK good and you get the sense that they know it. He loves her and his affection and protection are clear. He is more powerful than her but makes space for her to be strong and powerful in her way.

Lions are peaceful and like to take life easy. They hunt when food is needed and otherwise, relax and live a quiet, life, rather detached and aloof, enjoying the flow of things. The Lion King and the Lion Queen are confident and secure in their world.

LionKingandQueen1If other animals came to attack the lioness and their cubs, the lion would not stand by, aloof and detached, thinking it is not his problem. He would stand out in front of her, roar and show his fearsome teeth and then if necessary wage a ferocious battle to the death to protect his lioness and their family from harm.

In human life, the man or woman with Sun or Ascendant in Leo is the same. The man provides for and protects his family, is intensely proud of them and wants them to present themselves in a proud manner. He is the hunter and makes sure his family is provided for and protected; if and only if he is absent from the family or it is clear the male needs assistance, the female does it — the capable lion never lays around with the other lions in the pride (a group of lions) while his female mate does the providing and protecting.

Go to any castle and you will see statues of lions. Look on royal family crests and you will see lions. Lions represent the best, most noble part of ourselves.

The family has extremely high value and IS the PRIDE of the lion. Leo love play and playfulness. Have you ever seen a lion playing with it’s cubs? It is a joy to behold. Lions enjoy roughhousing and living life! They bounce, jump, pounce, roll, swat each other and tease.

When playtime it done, Daddy Lion or Mommy Lion make it clear the playing is to stop. When there is a need to protect, they protect, When it is time to relax and rest (lions love their sleep, too), they make it clear. They make sure everyone is fed, cleaned and protected. The house is in order. That is why this transit of Saturn in Scorpio in the 4th house of home and family has been so gut-wrenching hard. Things have been unsettled and the Mr or Ms Lion has been forced to be on the run, not knowing how things would be from day to day and in many cases, have been unable to marry and immigrationracismdenmarkestablish a home with anyone, or been unable to settle housing or immigration matters, and unable to proceed with the rest of life because home and family is unsettled.

No Home, No Life: Immigration Problems

Imagine this real-life situation happening to you: Since 2010 you, a well-educated Westerner have been fighting a corrupt immigration system in a European country, trying to get a green card. You meet the qualifications but your individual caseworker does not like you and refuses to process your cases. She intentionally makes your daily life insecure and miserable, through refusing to process the application for six months, then, she falsely claims on paper that you do not meet a qualification you clearly do, and orders you out of the country. It becomes very clear to you that the country is stuck in 1950s racism, calling people colored and nigger and arguing that it is acceptable, debating whether legal residents of a different ethnicity and religion deserve equal humane treatment and societal benefits. For the next 4 years you deal with more corrupt caseworkers, repeated intentionally wrongful decisions and repeated appeals that you file and win, and you even get wrongfully imprisoned at the request of the corrupt caseworker and the country is forced to reimburse you a symbolic amount of money for the traumatizing experience. They attempt it wrongful imprisonment more than once, try to extort you by telling your attorney that they will process your application as they should have done already if you waive your right to procedural residence and leave the country, and even lie to other governmental agencies about you.

During all this, there is a man in that country who refuses to marry you because while he loves you, he is afraid he will miss out on a fabulous swinging single life (which he never obtains) and that he will need to spend some of his income on you if you marry. He does not see the urgency of the situation and does not care about your instability. He wastes four (4 )years of his life, and your fertility doing this. He selfishly wants you to get a visa some way to stay in the country without him and find a way to get income so that you two can be financially independent of each other but living in the same country and he won’t need, in his view, to marry you. He has no regard for your desire to have a wedding with family and friends present. His thought is he could drop by for sex and you could have his baby and get a payment from the government for it. At the same time you have medical problems that with the passing of time will soon mean you never will have children. You are distressed physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

In the end you realize that to have a real life (Saturn) you must return to your home country, the place where you know you can put down roots (4th house) . In this foreign country you have no protection, no stability and no reason to stay in that foreign country. All you could have contributed is not welcome and you are terribly vulnerable without being married. You have no life —  no marriage, no secure home, no family and no career. This is how Saturn has manifested for many people with Leo Ascendants. I have been amazed at how many highly-educated people with Leo Ascendants have had horrific and abusive immigration problems in Europe the last five years. Immigration matters have become nightmares at the seat of life and the very foundation you want to have seems to have been destroyed. Or is it?

Now, with the entrance of Jupiter into Leo on July 16, 2014 you have good fortune on your side. Now things calm down (except for some impatient excitement from Mars in Scorpio transiting your 4th house). Now you can rest assured that help is on way. People who are your true friends will assist you and in such a way that you can maintain your dignity.

So now, you are forced to leave the country because you cannot survive in it — and by leaving you re-enter your home country and find the love of your life among your own countrymen. Maybe you realize there is so much more life and love in your home country. There are so many great options for you in this scenario if you go home :

  • Storytelling. Keep a positive perspective and realize you have a great and adventurous story to tell (Leo governs the creativity of storytelling) about the corrupt immigration department, failed love relationship and the culture of the country in which you lived all those years.
  • Writing. Write a non fiction and/or fiction book about it! Blog it (may you have kept a daily blog?)
  • Broadcasting. Do weekly online radio podcasts about it!.
  • Seminars and workshops:Tell the story in workshops for people who need to get a new start in life!

You will be come positively famous in telling your story. Be proud of what you have accomplished in surviving such inhumanity and yet come through with your dignity intact and a sense of good personal pride (self-esteem).

Use the profits from telling your story to pay for your wedding and honeymoon!

What wedding and honeymoon you say (if you are single)?


Marriage and Family

Perhaps best of all, if you are a single Leo Ascendant person and want to be married, there IS a marriage coming for you quite soon. It could be actually any day now. You will soon start a lifetime of wedding bliss with Mr or Ms. Lion. You will have a home, one that settles and heals your wounded heart (Leo governs the heart part of the body), soothes  and cares for your battered self-esteem and sense of dignity and builds you up in life. You will soon have all the protection and someone to nurture, that you ever wanted. You are not alone anymore, high-strung with anxiety. You no longer need to worry if you need to use your 7th life and try to land on you feet after being tossed outside the window again.

The Lion’s Den

In addition to having Saturn in the 4th house of your chart (life) since October 2012 (earlier if your 4th house is cusped by the late degrees of Libra), you have been force-fed some hard lessons since November 2012. Eclipses typically come in pairs every five and a half months to advance the topic of conversation to a new level of irritations, clarification or sophistication with each subsequent occurrence within the same eclipse series (in this case, the Scorpio-Taurus series). Something shaky becomes totally unsettled and it is only by the end of the eclipse series that the matter gets resolved and settled. You home, the lion’s den has been undergoing a slow transformation that involved crumbling everything to dust. What will happen soon with the October 23 eclipse, is that you will FINALLY get a workable solution, an opportunity to build a firm foundation around your housing and family situation. You will be presented with a workable solution that is heals your wounds and allows you to have your dignity and be proud while ending this long periliondenreimargaertnerod of being uprooted, homeless and adrift.

For many with a Leo Ascendant, it means finally getting an actual house. For some it means getting a family of your own –meaning marriage. For some that family of origin may also mean a decision will be made between you and someone, after years of delay pain and frustration, to conceive a child. That child will be born during the time of Saturn in Sagittarius in your 5th house – the house of children, creativity and playfulness (and the house ruled by the Sun and Leo!).

Patience Rewarded!

Mars left Scorpio yesterday, September 13, 2014, so now that impatient, frustrated, driven energy is no longer pushing through your 4th house situations. You can wait more patiently now as Saturn in Scorpio grinds slowly through your 4th house issue, making its changes with finality. The changes are good, you can be sure of that!

Along with Mars moving onward, the New Moon in Libra will bring some news of balance and justice (karma comes to call!) in your 9th house immigration and legal matters and 4th house home/housing/family matters. Expect it to affect 2nd house income and 6th house work issues. Pluto is about to go station direct in your 6th house of work routines and progress will be made. Organize yourself if you have not already, because you are about to move forth and you want to have everything in the position to be profitable when Pluto in Capricorn edges forward. Everything does change, even if it moves as slowly as an iceberg.

home-1Home, Sweet, Home

Saturn is preparing to end its journey in your 4th house and those family and home situations. Saturn transits into Sagittarius just before after the Winter Solstice and before Christmas on December 23, 2014. It will return briefly in 2015 for a 13-week period (one quarter of the year) from June 16, 2015 – September 17, 2015. If you have angles or planets in 25º-29º of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) you will feel the pressure once again in some area — but for Leo Ascendant people it will only be in order to assist you in making final positive changes to your home and family life.  Your sorely tried, tested and sometimes abused patience will be rewarded with a new and firm foundation in you life. You would give birth to your baby next summer during the final transit o Saturn in Scorpio, if you get pregnant before Saturn leaves Scorpio on December 23, 2014.

Pregnancy and Other Good Fortune

Jupiter in Leo retrograde will be in effect December 8, 2014 – April 8, 2015. During those five months of Jupiter retrograde, turn inward, seek to nurture yourself and pleasure yourself (maybe you will be eating for 2, 3 or 4, LOL, pregnant with a singleton, twins or triplets! With a Leo Ascendant and Jupiter in Leo transiting your 1st house of self and physical appearance, you could easily see yourself getting fat and expanding your waistline and/or role in life with a pregnancy and impending parenthood!

preparenursery-1Jupiter in Leo in the 1st house for Leo Ascendants will trine Uranus in Aries in the 9th house and that aspect will be exact at New Moon in Libra time on September 25, 2014.  This will bring some very fortunate vibes to people with a Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Leo — for an entire month. Even people around you will seem to be lucky or fortunate and in general the world will be in a good mood.

In fact,  there will be so much warm Fire energy when Jupiter is in Leo, Saturn is in Sagittarius and Uranus is in Aries at the and of the year, that Leo Ascendants will reaping abundant results in the 1st (self), 5th (children, creativity, play and good fortune) and 9th houses (legal matters, higher education, foreigners and foreign governments), expanding their lives.  Then when Saturn enters Sagittarius in December, we’ll have Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn in fire signs, making for some nice energy.

Venus will go retrograde in Virgo, back into Leo at the beginning of August, but that will not dampen the fire of the positive and expanding energy around you.

Prepare in 2014 for Abundant Business in 2015

Business prospects will go well between July 2014 and August 2015. Lay the groundwork for what you want to do. Plan and prepare your moneymaking ideas. Write books and courses. Make partnerships. Plan a website. Get products and projects ready to launch. Handle legal matters and make sure everything is airtight and protected, even from those you jupiterinleoabundancethink you do not need protection from — because you do!! Venus in Aries will help you with legal matters from February 20, 2015 – March 18, 2015 and Venus in Taurus will assist you with securing business deals from arch 18, 2015 – April 12, 2015. Start publicizing, especially among friends and various groups/associations, April 18, 2015 – May 8th during Venus in Gemini in your 11th house.

Watch for when Venus transits into your 12th house and use that time primarily to make corrections, fine-tine things and make sure everything is in alignment with your values and philosophy. If any degrees of Leo are in your 12th house and Jupiter is making a final trip through there, wait until it crosses your Ascendant degree and then rebroadcast your product or service, bigger than ever! Make plans for the actual launch to be after September 6, 2015.

Take a vacation at least August 1-15, 2015, if you cannot take the entire month of August. Lay low and do nothing new with the product until September 7, 2015, then launch it on that date or just after and watch the abundance flow as Jupiter in Virgo lights of your 2nd house of earned income and Venus, which is direct and moving forward. Abundance and progress will be made and that will fo forward for a year!

Family Pride

The Lion loves family, as I have already pointed out and once it is established, everyone in it benefits. Hang in there people with Sun in Leo and most notably, people with Leo Rising. You are finally getting the big abundance that you deserve and are owed –even if others have tried their hardest to deny it to you through active acts or passive neglect and aloofness when you most needed assistance. What has been taken away and torn down during a Saturn transit is of no use to any more. If you did the right thing that you KNEW you were to do during Saturn in Scorpio, the clutter of life has been cleared. If you were immature, you have matured. The man who was hangin out with the boys everyday and  clinging to his mother and making her #1 instead of making the woman he loves #1 and marrying her, will make it right now and run down that aisle before losing the possibility of making his own family

In relationships, for Leo Ascendant people, you will only have high quality people in your life from here and a high quality of life with someone who WANTS to give you everything.

lionfamily-1It is especially hard for a Leo Ascendant woman to find a man who respects her strength and nurtures it without competing against her or trying to dominate her. It takes a special man — but he is about to appear before you. He will not try to manipulate you into changing or being anything other than the supreme and regal woman you are. He revels in your strength and stands up to protect you against all who even appear as though they might attack you.

Leo Rising women, you WILL now find that man who is more powerful, strong and capable than you in ways that make space for your creative contribution in life and your marriage.

Leo Ascendant men, you WILL now find that strong and loving woman who nurtures you and is proud of you and looks good by your side. her very existence will be more than enough to fulfill your wildest dreams. She is both feminine and powerful. You will be proud of her and the family you make together, even if you do not have children.

All people with Leo Ascendants, I see good things for you in the year ahead while Jupiter is in Leo, into next summer. You will, in some way, find yourself settled into a new life — a new marriage, new parenthood, a new home,  a new career or business.

You will be rooted and settled in life for many years to come if not permanently.

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