Leo Rising: Great News As Pluto Stations Direct 2014

Leo Rising: Great News As Pluto Stations Direct 2014

royalaffectionWhat happens as Pluto stations direct? This was in another article on Pluto’s direct station on September 23, 2014, but I thought it would be good for people with Leo Ascendants/Leo Rising to take note of this transit:

Pluto in Capricorn, 6th house

Leo Ascendant/ Leo Rising people have a 6th house cusped by Capricorn (unless intercepted). If Pluto in Capricorn is stationing direct on September 23, 2014 is  your 6th house, the 2nd, 4th, 8th, 10th  houses are involved in a very positive manner. This is AWESOME work, career and financial news! The 6th house is the house of work routines, health and hygiene and care of domestic animals. You can expect that your health will now improve, medical issues will finally be resolved in the next few months. Your work routines have likely become organized and uncluttered while you sat immobilized and unable to move forward with your work. Now you will be able to proceed. Doors will magically open. People will start offering new opportunities in a new place.

Deep Income Flows

The 2nd house (120º) will evidence progress in gaining income and your moneymaking ideas. This will be aided by the fact that Pluto in Capricorn will be trine your 2nd house of earned income. You will be getting a job if unemployed and money will start flowing, maybe even in dramatically high amounts. If you have been waiting for money from a legal settlement relating to an old job (2nd house) that you lost under Pluto retrograde, the money will come now. You will have your finances restored.

lionfamily-1Solid Home and Family Changes

The 4th house  (60º) will receive good energy and something about home and family will now move forward. I see marriages!! Maybe you will buy a house  or apartment and/or make a new home and family of your own (starting a new family of origin). Maybe you will start your revived career making money from home. The New Moon in Libra reminds, though — sign a prenuptial agreement, first before marrying as it is only logical. You do not want to be screwed out of basic necessities that come with home and family in the future. Anyone who refuses to sign one or plays games around signing it is intending to harm you in the future!

Depth of Sharing in Sex, Spirituality and the Psyche

The 8th house (60º) will receive a positive push, bringing in someone who will share heir financial resources with you in a committed relationship, sharing of  sex and intimacy on an emotional and spiritual level, shared benefits in finances due to being a couple, personal psychological improvement, deepened individual and psychological and spiritual life and more involvement with spirituality and shared comfort dealing with death and loss.

Extreme Soaring of Public Reputation and Career

The 10th house (120º) of public  name and reputation and career/vocation is also therefore involved. You dedication to organizing and uncluttering your work life and clarifying your intentions and goals around work will pay off in a glowing manner.

Leo (Rising) Living Large

Here is a likely scenario for Leo Rising people: now as Pluto stations direct you will begin to do your daily work (6th house) from the firm foundation and solid structure of home. These changes are permanent as Pluto is the slowest moving plant and therefore has the deepest transformation and most lasting effect. Your family (children and animals) may either be part of the work or will be present as you work. Your calling and vocation has something to do with counseling and/or spirituality in some form and you are able to do it from home. It is work that will build an outstanding and ethical name for you in the public and in your field. Your bank account will flourish from it, and your home, marriage and family will benefit from it. You are getting back on top, in the spotlight, the star of your own life!!

Anyone who has been a passive or active hindrance, obstacle or detriment to your income,  health, name and reputation or work life is also getting cleared out as Pluto stations direct. They do not want to actively support you? The they are gone, baby, gone!

Behind the scenes you have worked hard on your 6th house stuff during Pluto retrograde because it was all that was left to you when everything else was stripped away and you were forcibly isolated without work, money and career (as well as other things. Your professional reputation will be boosted high as career opportunities lift you just as high and the losses took you low. Light and life is being restored to you via work. It will bless you financially, as well Lion-MGMas in public and personal name and reputation. Everyone who laughed at you will be scowling and ashamed in the dark shadows as you rise into the light you deserve.

Jupiter in Leo Shines the Spotlight

If you have Pluto in the 6th then Jupiter in Leo is transiting your 1st house and that means you will certainly be in a glorious and positive spotlight. Make the post of it and put your all out there. Do it up big, live large, be courageous (and humble) but PROUD of yourself.

People with Capricorn in the 6th house, be careful of jealous malicious people, with a smile on their face, who want to get close to you now because some of them have bad intentions and only want to learn where you might be vulnerable and how they can kick you out of the positive and adoring spotlight you most certainly deserve.

Live in the positive light of day now!. Leo Rising people — Reap the harvest of balance in love, marriage and money that is now coming your way. Get out there and ROARRRRRRRR!

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