HEARING INSPIRATION: Saturn at 24 Scorpio – March 1, 2014

HEARING INSPIRATION: Saturn at 24 Scorpio – March 1, 2014

“Poets priest and politicians,

Have words to thank for their positions

Words that scream for your submission

No one’s jamming their transmission.”

— The Police

inspiration-signThe New Moon also carries with it an aspect that will be felt for about a half year. Mars is turning retrograde and will remain so through mid July and Saturn is also about to do so, and will remain retrogade for five (5) months. As it prepares to retrograde, Saturn is on Scorpio 24: Crowds Coming Down The Mountain To Listen To One Inspired Man.

The message here is that people in leadership positions — those who use words to sway people’s minds, opinions and actions — will soon be noticeably listened, ignored or rejected. They will be accepted as inspiring and authentic or as fake and inauthentic, maybe even dangerous.

If you are a person who dispenses advice or teaching in some form. if you are not authentic and if your talk is cheap, you will find you will soon be ignored. Some will even find people have been tired of their “words” for a long time and now are choosing to reject their leadership.

What can you do with this energy as Saturn turns retrograde in Scorpio and Mars the classic ruler of Scorpion also  turns retrograde? You can take care of yourself by

  • removing clutter from your life
  • getting organized
  • consolidating your material and spiritual assets
  • move forward in areas where you have been procrastinating
  • carefully weigh your words before speaking them and realize you have an effect on people with what you say and do
  • mind yourself and what you say and do as a result of another person’s words or actions


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