LOVE STANDS IN THE LIGHT: Venus at 27 Capricorn

LOVE STANDS IN THE LIGHT: Venus at 27 Capricorn

lovetwoheartsWhere is the love?

Now that we have arrived at March 2014, it will be possible to see where it went, where it is and if it is real and practical. Now we know what we must do.

Venus is at Capricorn 27 which in the Sabian symbols is A Mountain Pilgrimage. Emerging from a retrograde shadow, Venus has taken us through a rough road of 40 days and nights of having to examine our relationships, values, finances and most of all, love.

Now, occurring on an enlightening and spiritual New Moon in Pisces, we can see where we are and what we have as we climb the mountain and reach enlightenment about these areas of our life.We are now exploring new territory and we are being asked to ‘make it up the mountain’. Now we must, as the song says, take it higher. We must take the realities and truths we have learned and move in the right direction spiritually in terms of these Venusian areas of life.

So, where is the love? And the money? And the relationship? It is standing in the light, right in front of us and it may be in a different form, from a different person or through a different method. Now we see what we missed. Now we can make better , wiser choices. Now we know better. Because we know better, we can do better.

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