Mama’s Boy Is In the Sky

Mama’s Boy Is In the Sky

mamasboyJupiter is on Virgo 11 today and the Sabian Symbol is A Boy Molded in His Mother’s Aspirations For Him.

Make sure that you are living up to YOUR expectations for your life and no one else’s. Make sure you are being appreciated for your true self and appreciate yourself, too.

Controlling and dominating mothers raising boys have a responsibility to remember to raise them to be independent men, not their substitute husband. Too often women use their sons as psycho-sexual substitutes when they have a bad marriage or no relationship. The young boys never grow up, never mature and do not differentiate from their mothers. They do not become men. We have all seen the “Mama’s boy”

Are you in a relationship with someone who is living their parent’s projecting unlived life? Individuality is important. It will feel terribly lonely and scary, but you need to leave home, get a life, your own life, and forge a relationship with another adult man or woman (depending on your sexual orientation).

I also want to put a caution out there to women who are Daddy’s girls and not standing on their own feet.

Being individuated, independent and being in mature adult relationships requires that you put aside your ego and not be a narcissist. Are you standing on your feet and relating maturely?  Or are you 35 years old and still fastened to Mama’s or Daddy’s financial or emotional apron strings?



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