Mars Direct & Venus Opposite Pluto: Sex, Women, Anger and Violence

Mars Direct & Venus Opposite Pluto: Sex, Women, Anger and Violence

Mars has been retrograde at 23 Scorpio since April 17. It has been a painful and intense time.

Mars Retrograde: Frustration and Intense Anger

We have all felt it. Stagnation, frustration and anger, manipulative sexual excessiveness (even violence) or manipulative denial of sexual relations, confusion/frustration/anger in relationships with women, malicious jealousies and defamation (killing with words), deceit and manipulation, global violence. Former lovers will need to go back over their relationship to determine the true source of their anger. It has nothing to do with someone new who you are trying to demonize. It has everything to do with the past and your own insecurities and fears.

Rubens and Brueghel, Return from War, Mars Disarmed by Venus
Rubens and Brueghel, Return from War, Mars Disarmed by Venus

Many people, during Mars retrograde, thinking they could relieve their frustration and intense anger, did inappropriate, vicious, vengeful and cruel things to people — then found it did nothing to relieve their feelings. It only created a deep sense of guilt (and a desire to deny it) and even more frustration that they made such a mess of things.

Mars retrograde periods are reflected in low energy, depression and discouragement, exhaustion and feeling purposeless.  We  experience suppressed anger, secret intrigues, deception and lies, suspicion (not always based in fact), fraud, devious actions, inefficiency, and an increase in drugs or alcohol for those who use them as crutches.

The Meaning of Mars Direct

Mars stationing and turning direct means the action in life changes and picks up. The boat of life is no longer stuck in a listless horsewind. However, you may need to return and go over what came before the retrograde between January and early March 2016. The decisions you made about someone or something between April 17-June 30 have great fault in them (especially those murderous plots, character assassinations and group bullying)  because they were based on lack of facts, anger, jealousy, manipulation, abuse, fear and a simple desire to hurt someone.




Venus Opposite Pluto

On top of that, Venus has entered the sign of Cancer, a very emotional sign, and it will oppose Pluto in Capricorn on June 30. The New Moon in Cancer  (13 Cancer)  is July 4 and tension will be high. Expect pressure and the great desire to release it. In a positive sense it could be expressed through new jobs being awarded and deeply intense yet satisfying sex.

Forced Change

Another interesting side of these aspects are that while Mars is stationary direct from June 30 to August 21 recovering ground, we may see many things transform in situations involving involving sex, money, love and relationships or business. Look for things to change course again and this time reflect less angry and more honest, open and solid thinking and behavior. Mars will re-enter Sagittarius on August 2.

Expect that whatever was done wrong, whatever injustice occurred during Mars retrograde, whatever plans did not work out, will be revived and renewed and given new life during Mars direct, especially after August 21.

I do not mean you will necessarily experience a reconciliation or helaling of a relationship that was broken by one of you during Mrs retrograde in anger. I mean that you invidivually will find the strength to go on and live without the person, healing within yhourself. If they were in the wrong for being out of control angry with you or giving you the silent treatment and withdrawing — and are too full of ego to even try to fix the relationship — they are not worth your fears and tears. Move on to someone who really loves you! You know…”NEXT!!”. I do not mean that anything will necessarily be what you wanted it to be — although it is POSSIBLE and I would like to see everyone experience such healing — but living in teh real world we know that sometimes we must find peace and acceptance in a new form, method, relationship, person, strategy etc…

Mars stationing direct has now forced us to look at ourselves and how we handle love, relationships, anger,  sex and money. It has forced us to make changes or be changed. You can be on the losing end of it or the winning end. What do you choose?

Mars 2016

Mars is in Scorpio for essentially nine months of 2016. Here is the schedule. Times given are Pacific Standard Time, so adjust accordingly :


  • Mars enters Scorpio Sunday, January 3rd at 6:32 A.M.
  • Mars at 10 degrees Scorpio squares the Leo Full Moon Saturday, January 23rd
  • Mars at 18 degrees Scorpio squares the Aquarius New Moon Monday, February 8th
  • Mars enters its retrograde shadow Wednesday,  February 17th at 23 degrees Scorpio
  • Mars at 25 degrees Scorpio widely squares the Virgo Full Moon Monday, February 22nd
  • Mars enters Sagittarius Saturday, March 5th at 6:29 P.M.
  • Mars at 5 degrees Sagittarius sextiles the Libra Full Moon Solar Eclipse Wednesday, March 23rd
  • Mars at 8 degrees Sagittarius widely trines Aries New Moon/Supermoon Thursday, April 7th
  • Mars stations retrograde at 8 degrees Sagittarius Sunday, April 17th at 5:14 A.M.
  • Mars Rx at 1 degree Sagittarius conjunct exact Sagittarius Full Moon Saturday, May 21st
  • Mars Rx at 1 Sagittarius opposes Sun at 1 Gemini Sunday, May 22nd at 4:17 P.M.
  • Mars Rx at 0 Sagittarius opposes Venus at 0 Gemini Tuesday, May 24th at 7:38 P.M
  • Mars retrograde reenters Scorpio at 29 degrees Friday, May 27th at 6:51 A.M
  • Mars stations direct at 23 degrees Scorpio Wednesday, June 29th at 4:38 P.M.
  • Mars direct at 25 degrees Scorpio sextiles Capricorn Full Moon Tuesday, July 19th
  • Mars direct leaves Scorpio and reenters Sagittarius Tuesday, August 2nd at 10:49 A.M.
  • Mars leaves its retrograde shadow August 22nd
  • Mars at 14 degrees Sagittarius squares the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo Thursday, September 1st
  • Mars at 23 degrees Sagittarius squares the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces Friday, September 16th
  • Mars leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn Tuesday September 27th at 1:07 A.M.



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