Mars in Libra Update: Where Are You Being Driven?

Mars in Libra Update: Where Are You Being Driven?

fightforitWith the Moon in Scorpio, it seems there is a lot to delve into and uncover. I am writing many things this weekend, on many topics. I am thinking deep thoughts and reflecting on what has been happening in life these last two months.

As I have written earlier and mentioned numerous times, we are living in a time when Mars is transiting Libra for an extended 8 months instead of the usual 2 months Mars spends in a sign. It has been provoking relationships, finances and more. People are feeling the heat.

Wherever Mars is transiting has already undergone some change and you now know what you must contend with until late July. 

Mars Transiting the Third House

Mars is transiting my 3rd house. I traveled long distance (opposite 9th house) to then travel around my home region and spent long periods of time with siblings, cousins and aunts/uncles (3rd house domestic travel, siblings, cousins and aunts/uncles) for these last 2 months under the transit. I have begun aggressively stepping up my blogging in all areas (Libra’s social nature) was interviewed by a foreign reporter because of my blogging (opposite 9th house of the foreign and publishing , begun aggressively promoting my recently published book (9th house publishing). I have had an offer from a Sun in Libra friend in the USA to live with her, without expense and spend time focusing on my writing and publishing career (sa 3rd house return to living domestically/near “home” while focusing on a 9th house pursuit).  I do not feel I am meant to leave the foreign country where I now live, but the offer is there.

I am being more social than usual, attending baby showers, accepting offers of evenings at the theatre and intentionally arranging to meet people at cocktail parties and dinner events. I am spending a lot of time chatting with cousins and siblings online. I notice I am pulling back from conflict with people, preferring to let other people be direct and aggressive. I am becoming more Libran in the way I communicate and the flavor of my travels is Libran in nature.

The flames of the Martian fire in my 3rd house means I (MARS) am asserting myself to improve and increase communication and social activity/social relationships (LIBRA) for my myself in general. I also want more communication with siblings, cousins and aunts/uncles (3RD HOUSE). I want to have great relationships with these relatives. I am sharing more of who I am and I want them to do so. I want my writing to be taken notice of, I want to publish and I want to be taken seriously as an author. I want my writing and publishing to be stellar and well accepted (LIBRA). I want the people in my life to be gentle, pleasant and kind with me, even if it means being indirect — although not dishonest (LIBRA). I have had some really blunt dealings with some people in my life the last few years and I am tired of those direct, blunt rude behaviors and statements. I live in a foreign culture where the natives tend to be closed off and not communicative with non-natives; after a few years of this, I have decided it is not acceptable and that I want a good social life here in this foreign environment as I have at home, domestically.

I want. I want. I want.

I want these things and I will get angry (Mars) if they do not manifest. I notice I sometimes feel quite impatient about it and I am being very direct (assertive) about getting what I want.

With a natal Mars square this transiting Mars and a natal Moon opposite it, I am somewhat on overload, and pumping out the communication — especially the written communication. I am driven to succeed in my 3rd house communication, social and relationship efforts.

If you have a Sun, Moon or Mars in Libra, you are likely experiencing the motherlode of anger, aggression, rage and resentment because you are getting pushed in some area where you are being spiritually called to grow and expand. When you do it, under this transit these next 6 more months, you will heal internal wounds and broken relationships and you will create authentic and balanced relationships.

Where is the heat (house)  and how is it shaping changes in your life. What are you being driven to change? How are you feeling?

Get an astrology consultation if you would like to better understand how Mars in Libra is affecting you and how you can best deal with it and direct the energy.

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