Mars opposite Pluto 2008

Mars in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn
Friday, March 7, 2008, 10:01 am CET

Since February 29 you have likely felt frustrated, suppressed and quite irritable about the fact that there was little you could do to change the feeling or the circumstances causing those feelings. Mars in Cancer opposite Pluto in Cancer was set in motion on September 21 and now is making its third and final hit. This is truly a martial aspect, bringing threat of violence, talk of war, building up of defenses, fierceness, and bringing out of the darker sides of ourselves. This is an edgy confrontation between aggressive warrior Mars in self-protective Cancer and power-hungry Pluto in determined Capricorn. There will be fights on the playground. Do not be surprised if you encounter people who want to oppose you at work, school or at the market. Do not be surprised if YOU want to confront certain people or situations and clear out the confusion. Try to be goal-oriented without being insensitive to other people. This final aspect of Mars to Pluto, however, is an opportunity to finally clear the air about things that began in late September. With a New Moon in Pisces occurring the same day, it translates into an opportunity to eliminate those relationships, people and negative situations that have caused restriction, and lay a new foundation for launching your initiatives.

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