May 26 – World Tarot Day 2013

May 26 – World Tarot Day 2013

The Gilded Tarot is one of our favorite Tarot decks to use for your reading!


Today, May 26, 2013,  is World Tarot Day.

The Tarot is a great form of insight, using the symbolism and messages of the Tarot, to discern the energies in a situation and your best path.


Gilded Tarot

The deck you see here is the Gilded Tarot by Tarot expert Barbara Moore and artist Ciro Marchetti. He makes gorgeous Tarot decks with symbols that are connected to the classic Rider-Waite Tarot deck and yet applicable to the modern world. The images are rich! Here is some more information on it from Amazon:

The Traditional Tarot for the 21st Century

Most Tarot decks with really spectacular designs are really just art collections. The Gilded Tarot transcends this limitation by having some of the most strikingly beautiful art on any Tarot deck, yet follows the Rider-Waite-Smith model. The result is a unique deck that any person with some Tarot experience will find instantly familiar and usable. This deck can be used with any Tarot system or book.

You really must see the cards to believe their beauty. The High Priestess dances on water in a translucent dress of stars. She bends backwards in front of a crescent moon, looking like a classic lamp from the 1920s. The Wheel of Fortune shows the zodiacal wheel around a solar center as part of a bizarre, almost alien machine. The Hanging Man follows this machine concept, but he is dressed in brilliant reds and greens.

The colors are deep and intense, almost metallic. They draw you in and will have you staring at the images repeatedly. But this is more than a deck to look at, it’s a deck to use! The Gilded Tarot Companion, a full book by Tarot expert Barbara Moore, is included with this deck. It’s a complete introduction so that even a beginner can use this deck right away.

If you’re tired of the old style of the RWS deck and its imitators, if you’re looking for a familiar deck that will take you into the future, this is the deck you want to use.

Use World Tarot Day 2013 to get a reading that will empower you to make better decisions and steer your life in a great direction.

If you would like a one-card reading today, post your question here on the blog and get an answer!

If you want a more in-depth reading, you can order one from this page — a 3-card or a 10-card Celtic Cross consultation.



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