Mercury in Aquarius 2014: Time and Space to Talk

Mercury in Aquarius 2014: Time and Space to Talk

mercaquaThis last week was intense with emotions and cardinal attempts to control. I, like many sat tight and resisted getting into a fracas knowing the tension would pass sooner rather than later. Sure enough, with Mercury now in Aquarius and there is more space to breathe. There is room and time to talk about how to resolve situations and have discussions in a fair and objective manner. That is Mercury in Aquarius.

But what if you do not want to talk? What if you are still stuck in cardinal control issues and do not want to release and talk about having things any way but your way? What if you want to just have a break from things?

That will not be so possible. This Mercury transit, which will involve a retrograde February 6-28, is about explanations and clarifications. It is about taking care of the small details, the organizational matters and the plans for the future. Emotions are not involved in this. Mercury co-rules Gemini and Virgo.  Aquarius is a fixed Air sign. Logic, reason and intellect are the order of the day, or shall I say the six week transit, as things will get taken care of without a lot of hoopla.  Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame, would be staring blankly, yet knowingly now, one eyebrow raised.  The only danger is that during the retrograde period there might be TOO much objectivity and logic and not enough balance of the acknowledgement of others’s feelings. Remember how Dr. McCoy would verbally fire missiles at Mr. Spock for not having human emotional sensitivity? It will be something like that if you are not careful.

This transit is affecting my  intimate partnerships so I expect that I will be having some conversations with a certain man in my life. But this could also means I have some talks with a potential business partner. It is a good time for me to seek partnership on a business matters.  What ever area of life it is touching for you, it is a time to both talk and listen. It is a time for discussion, not clamming up and hiding i a shell after creaming demands for what you want. This energy gives some much needed air in the midst of the Cardinal Grand Cross.

Another person’s perspective will be important at this time. Your response is equally as important. The talks will help you clarify in your mind the best way to proceed for you both and you will learn that you can accomplish more together than separately.

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