Mercury Direct & Mars Fires Up The Grand Trine! July 20, 2013

Mercury Direct & Mars Fires Up The Grand Trine! July 20, 2013


This Mercury retrograde period has been extremely challenging for me and for many. So many small items lost — sometimes within 5 minutes of having them. Trying to think clearly and quickly enough to get detailed tasks completed has taken an extremely high amount of energy.

While there are normally slowdowns of things and sometimes breakdowns, during a Mercury retrograde period, this on has been heavy!

But now, it is done today. At 11:22 am PDT/2:22pm EDT/8:22pm CEST, is is finished!

Now you can proceed with matter involving your living situation, immigration matters, real estate, renovations/remodeling, moving, parents, children, or family. You will get extra fuel to get done what you want to get done because on top of Mercury stationing direct. Mars is firing up the Cardinal Grand Trine and people will not be able to ignore their responsibilities and hide their errors any longer. They also will not be able to simply “do nothing” as a delaying tactic.

With both Saturn and Mercury transiting direct, and Mars in the mix, the heat is on to do the right thing and do it with speed. You can expect there will likely be show true anger, passionate words, demands for those in authority to get off their butts, and pushes for action

Where are you expecting to see some changes in the next few weeks? 

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