Mercury Retrograde June 2014

The Mercury retrograde cycle of June 2014 takes us from Cancer back into one of the signs it rules, Gemini (the other sign it rules is Virgo).  We may be a bit emotionally strung out (Mercury in Cancer) when Mercury retrograde begins but by the time it stations direct (Mercury in Gemini) we will have made some solid plans. Sit still and let some tears flow, but let then let yourself process and make plans for what you want to do about the things that are bringing your emotions to the surface.

For many of us, there is a romance or intimate relationship you have been holding back from or not known how to properly handle or heal. Under Mercury retrograde in Cancer (retrograding back into Gemini) you can allow yourself to feel your feelings and start a new courtship plan. You will make real progress in straightening out the relationship if you (as a man) claim your masculinity in a protective and care-taking with your woman OR (as a woman) allow the masculine in your man to be a source of protection so you can let your femininity blossom. There a lot of TALKING (Mercury!) to be done.

All this is to say that you can expect an old love to reappear in your life and perhaps it is time to heal the relationship by letting down defense and thinking through things.

You have felt it coming since the Mercury retrograde pre-shadow began on May 23. By the time Mercury is direct on July 1, you will have a fine emotional blueprint for the future of a great intimate relationship (after communicating with the other person or people involve, of course!). By the time Mercury is back in Cancer and out of its retrograde shadow on July 16, it should be smooth, emotionally calm and connected sailing!

Here are the dates of the Mercury Retrograde June 2014 cycle so you can handle your business.

Mercury Retrograde – June 2014

May 23 Mercury pre-shadow begins at 24º 23’ Gemini

May 25 Mercury trine North Node

May 28 Mercury sextile Venus

May 29 Mercury enters Cancer (Decan 1)

June 7 Mercury stations retrograde at 3º 10’ Cancer 4:56am PDT/7:56am EDT /1:56pm CEDT

June 14 Mercury Rx combust Sun (clean house!)

June 17 Mercury Rx enters Gemini (Decan 3)

June 19 Midpoint of retrograde period. Mercury Rx conjunct Sun  (implement new plans and change direction)

June 25 Mercury Rx out of combustion

June 28 Mercury  Rx trine North Node

July 1 Mercury stations direct at 24º 23’ Gemini   5.50am PDT/8:50am EDT/2:50pm CEDT

July 3 Mercury trine North Node

July 13 Mercury re-enters Cancer (Decan 1)

July 16 Mercury post-shadow end at 3º 10’ Cancer

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