Mercury Square Neptune 2014: Do You Understand the Words Coming Out of My Mouth?

Mercury Square Neptune 2014: Do You Understand the Words Coming Out of My Mouth?

On victory born of deceit: I, Virtue, soak the tomb of Ajax with my tears, alas, wretched, having rent my whitening hair. Certainly this matter still remained, that by a Greek judge I should be vanquished: and that deceit should have the stronger defence.

One of my favorite film series is the “Rush Hour” films with Jackie Chan and Chris Carter. They leave me laughing on the floor. Their chemistry is wonderful and their comedic timing is great. One of the well known phrases in them is when they scream at each other “Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth?!” They speak the same language yet do not always understand one another clearly.

Understanding the words that came out of my parent’s mouths was very easy. Do or not do. Say or not say. Rules were clear. However, my siblings and I got into the usual trouble: doing something we were told not to do. But we one thing we always knew when we got caught was that it is important to tell the truth, no matter how bad the situation seemed. A foster child who lived with us never caught onto that. We would, for example, break a lamp. When our parents asked what happened, she would jump up screaming that she had noting to do with it. The rest of us would admit we were playing around it as we were told not to do, as we knocked it over and broke it. Guess who got the worst punishment?

Right. The one who lied about it.

Most people do not like confrontation. Even those who are a bit more confident than others do not necessarily like to have conflict. I am one of those persons.

Sometimes to keep out of conflict we hide information or obscure it with “white lies” or omitted information. Time has shown me that such behavior only prolongs problems and things always pop up later. Often, they are in worse shape because of the delay in dealing with them. Dealing with situations openly and directly is usually best, in my view,

The other methods mislead people and cause unnecessary pain.

Mercury square Neptune brings us these kinds of lessons. We become challenged to speak clearly, openly, honestly and directly. But if we do not do it, the truth gets revealed at some point, and inconveniently kicks our butts.

If you have Neptune in Scorpio, Mercury in Squarius is currently challenging you and it is hard. Scorpio is all about secrets so tellikng the whole truth and telling it directly is popping up in som earea of your life.

Arrange an astrology consultation and let’s see where Mercury square Neptune is affecting you.

Do you hold back information or keep secrets in order to avoid confrontation or unpleasant situations? Has it ever come back to haunt you?


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