Messy, Sticky, Juicy Deepness: October 19, 2017 – Libra New Moon

Messy, Sticky, Juicy Deepness: October 19, 2017 – Libra New Moon

I am absolutely loving this transit of Jupiter in Scorpio even though it is only days old, because it means I can let my intensity and depth run unlimited in the light of truth for the next 13 months. BAM!! It also means I can write about sex ad nauseum. So that means I want to talk about this New Moon in Libra (26 Libra 35) at 12:12PM Pacific Time. The New Moon in Libra is not an easy energy this month. First of all, don’t believe the hype.

Disruption Here, Rage There

Libra is all about the harmony and balance, the creativity, beauty and art. But this lunation is opposite hard scrabble, set-your-butt-on-fire Uranus in Aries. We can see in society that people are not well integrated. Look at the divisions and the rage. Just as under Uranus in Aries in the 1930s we had to deal with the rise of Adolph Hitler, now we are dealing with what happens when people rise up again that kind of vitriol and destruction. Uranus in Aries is about humanity’s desire for freedom, suddenly breaking free, independence, rebellion, and radical separations. True it can be expressed in finding new ways of relating in within relationships/partnerships — but that is a battle to get through to that stage.

This New Moon in Libra  aspect with Uranus in Aries may also bring some shocks, surprises and sudden changes that disrupt our world on personal and professional levels. What played out for you on Wednesday, before the New Moon in Libra? Watch what happens on Friday, the day after and over the weekend.

Although this New Moon is in Libra, (and soon joins Sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury in that constellation), powerful Scorpio energy will be very prevalent throughout this month, because  benefic Jupiter entered this sign nine days ago. I am LOVING all my Scorpio friends, especially the women!! It is YOUR time!


Relationships Getting Deeper

Libra likes the relationship romance part, the pleasantries. Scorpio is about the no holds intimacy and sex that happens behind closed doors.. It is the deep dish stuff. It is the “getting down getting messy, sticky and covered in all the juices” part of the relationship. It is the sex, the orgasm (which is a little death), the bonding, the sharing the fears. It is RAW, and PRIMAL, full or POWER and TRANSFORMATION. It gets us down into not only sex but death, taxes, borrowing secrets and hidden matters, credit, mysteries and shared values. Maybe, for example, you must get over your fear of asking others for help financially because you simply cannot do it all alone. It is filled with dangers like possessiveness, jealousy, manipulation and control. Maybe you need be more honorable and give someone more freedom. Maybe you need to face your fear of intimacy and allow your partner to hold you more deeply in a spiritual, emotional or sexual sense.

Look to the house where Scorpio is and know that where this New Moon in Libra occurred (look for 27 Libra), so close to changing sign…there WILL be light shed on the things you are trying to keep darkness around in your life. Or maybe even where others have been trying to hide your light. Nonetheless, we have a New Moon in Scorpio in a month and the jig is up! Relationship will get balanced through intense passion and commitment or they will come apart.

Green and Red

Traditionally, when green and red surfaces, we think of them as holiday colors bringing us lots of gifts and festivities. That won’t be the theme around October 27th-28th.  Venus will be moving toward a square with Pluto, which could trigger already existing Scorpio themes of  the green monster of jealousy, possessiveness, fears, as well as fiery red passionate intensity and obsessiveness in relationships. It could also bring challenging or hidden issues to the surface right at the dinner table, and we may display compulsive behaviors toward loved ones. It may be difficult to keep down your breakfast when financial issues, or anything to do with aesthetics (finances and aesthetics being Venusian territory), might become problematic in some of the same ways.

Set Your Intentions

Look to see where this New Moon in Libra is occurring in your chart and then if you know what that house governs, you can make intentions in that area of your life. What do you want to see manifest at the Full Moon in 2 weeks and what do you want to see transformed by the next New Moon, a New Moon in Scorpio? Write an abundance check, sage your space to clear it, meditate or pray under this lunation. Do it prepared to get deep about your important relationships.

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