Moving Forward with Love and Money: Mars Direct

Moving Forward with Love and Money: Mars Direct

Did you awaken realizing you have become exactly like your father and you feel horrified and ashamed? Did you awaken this morning realizing you are as inflexible, cruel, hard and angry as you feel your father has been with you all your life?

angryfatherDid you realize that your disappointment and anger at someone you love because of a perceived weakness or failure to meet your expectations is exactly how your father feels about you? Do you realize now that your father is simply a human being who is emotionally blocked? I have a client who has Mars in Scorpio and has now faced this exact realization bout himself. He sees the harsh truth about himself and that he needs to accept this and make changes to be the better man and person he desires to be. This is the feeling many are coming to now in less than 24 hours after Mars stationed direct in Scorpio.

Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio, before Pluto was discovered. Mars in Scorpio this year has forced many people to examine sex, intimacy, trust, blocks, anger, wounds, finances, debt, taxes and inheritance. The lessons such a person has to learn in their lifetime about these issues are going to bring them great challenges, forcing them to grow. The lessons we have all had to learn during the transit of Mars in Scorpio are significant.

Mars in Scorpio – Wise Eagle

Due to retrograde motion, Mars in Scorpio will last almost seven months from 3 January to 2 August 2016. During Mars in Scorpio the sexual nature will be heightened. During Mars in Scorpio the things we want will come into focus with a clarity that may be very uncomfortable. We want sex (and lots of it). We want intimacy. We want money and success. We want power and control. We want true, deep connection. We want security and stability (so we can be vulnerable without being hurt).
A noted passage from InsightAstrology says about Mars in Scorpio: Even in very calm individuals Mars in Scorpio may dredge up some pretty unpleasant emotions, particularly when the Moon is in challenging aspect. Aggression, anger and fear of losing control may all emerge over the coming months and will need to be met with compassion and empathy. This may be particularly challenging in the realm of intimate relationships as we encounter issues around power and control, attachment and vulnerability.


Mars in Scorpio as a transit has been challenging. Mars in Scorpio is the wise, wounded warrior who fights without fear, although it is also a placement of Mars that is intimately associated with great fear and sensitivity. To achieve its goals, Mars will inflict pain. People with Mars in Scorpio as a natal placement hold grudges (stinging you with their tail or biting you with their fangs) and will fight to the end even if it destroys them or the relationship. During Mars in Scorpio, those who allow their anger to go unexpressed and continue raging on will continue until they destroy a person, a relationship and/or themselves. Destruction and death is the goal, when a person is out of control with their anger. This is the Scorpion and Snake symbolism of Scorpio. The Phoenix is the resurrection period. The Eagle is the Scorpio symbol of wisdom, having come through the other evolutions.

Unevolved Mars in Scorpio

But now we have Mars finally direct. No more Mars retrograde with its suspension, frustration and suppression of anger. However I warn you: now that Mars is direct, get a firm grip on your unforgiving attitude, your holier-than-thou position, your anger and your pain. Mars in Scorpio can express some very spiritually and emotionally unevolved traits. Goal-seeking or trying to get your point across is one thing; giving people the silent treatment for weeks and months, hitting, threatening, shunning, using malicious gossip or defamation is primitive. Karma is the return of what you put out in the universe. It will return to you in your life at a time when you have something to lose and you will suffer for the pain you inflict on others now. What you must do is learn to be a forgiving, accepting and peacemaking person who has passion and drive.

Beware of Anger Triggers – July 1-11

In fact, with Mars in Scorpio now direct, you can accomplish just about anything you desire. The energy is stupendous. It also brings a caution: in these next ten days after the station, July 10, we will all be susceptible to being triggered, resulting in acts of open defiance, outbursts, anger/blowups, sudden realizations, blowups and decisions to formally and openly put an end to relationships and situations from 2015 you already knew on January 3 were done. You knew you were to cut ties and move on. Many of us were presented with new people, opportunities for intimacy, sex, openness, financial new beginnings and sharing or merging. But then when Mars retrograded on April 17, we got stuck in old patterns and fears. We ran back to the false safety of things that were dead, and we put up barricades. We got stuck in our suppressed anger, confused (that was Neptune in Pisces helping!) and felt overwhelmed and unable to move. Now you must go back and make peace, reconcile relationships and admit the truth to yourself about your own issues.

How You Can Handle Mars in Scorpio Direct

So what should you do with all these emotional energy — especially when you feel are a man or woman who is uncomfortable dealing with emotions? If you do the inner work, face the fears, and take action now to get clear on the blocks, you can evolve into a most effective, accomplished, peaceful and wise man or woman in the near future! And yes, I wrote “peaceful” because Mars in Scorpio energy, when mastered empowers you to be a person who create true peace and healing because you can go to the depths and resurrect new life facing fear.
This summer is your chance to get clear and do a lot of healing. There will be many Martian stories in the mundane (the news, global situations) and in people’s individual lives, so be extra careful with how you handle your emotions, inability to forgive, frustration, confusion and anger. Move SLOWLY. Think before you speak and when you do speak, speak gently. There is a lot of Cancer and Pisces water energy in place right now. Mars in Scorpio direct is adding great pressure — especially with Venus in Cancer (Venus rules what we value and love),  a New Moon in Cancer (the Sun is our heart and ego)  and Mercury in Cancer (Mercury rules how we communicate) in the sky right now.
This is a time to move forward, not backwards. It is a time to act responsibly and go to the depths. Go to the depths and commit. No more delays and excuses. No more hiding and using anger as a cover to scare away the other person. No more suppressing your opinion about a group’s or organization’s bad behavior just so they will think nicely of you. Tell the truth, at least to yourself, that the group/organization is unethical and stop associating with it. Stop seeking faults in the woman you love just so you can make an excuse not to break through your sexual and emotional blocks with her. Stop holding grudges. Now is the time to act!

Hot and Heavy Summer

Love and money have been the focus as Mars has transited Scorpio. It will remain so throughout the summer. Now that Mars is direct, you can get your finances, relationship life, sex life and love, life, debt, insurance matters, inheritance matters straightened out and in good shape for the future. You can create a beautiful flow in your life, based on truth, clarity and determination to be excellent. Let the Venus in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn on June 30, the  New Moon in Cancer at 13° Cancer on July 4 and Mercury in Cancer propel you hard in the first two weeks of July towards making signficant inroads to transformation and excellence.
Mars clears the degree it retrograded and conjoins Saturn in Sagittarius on August 24, 2016 at 8° Sagittarius, so act with determined focus now on what you want to purge from your life while Mars is still in Scorpio. If you have planets in the early degrees of Sagittarius, the entire summer will be hot and heavy for you but exciting if you choose to enter into a new, better and more fulfilling relationship and sex life. start forming a a new, ethical better group of friends and start living from truth.
Do the hard work and fight with courage to accept yourself and others in all your imperfections!

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