Navigating A Smooth Ride

Navigating A Smooth Ride

The holidays are fully upon us. We just wrapped up Chanukkah, Saturnalia began a few days ago and WInter Solstice has just occurred. The last Sunday in Advent is in two days and Christmas is Monday., followed shortly thereafter by Kwanzaa. This is a huge time for all of us collectively. This year, I took my own advice and guidance. Guess what has happened?

This Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius has been very rough, fouling communication and transportation for most and bringing news of snafus and challenges as well as breakdowns and stoppages, accidents and outages associated with transportation and communication.

Meanwhile, Saturn has shifted from Sagittarius into Capricorn, the sign it rules and we are now facing a whole new set of serious and real lessons. This is not a bad thing. This year, I chose to follow my own advice and navigate in accordance with the upcoming potholes, washed out bridges, wildfires and hailstorms that would be coming.


Saturn entered the Cardinal earth sign of Sagittarius on December 19, 2017 at 11:49 pm EST, where it will transit through December 17, 2020. Saturn is the Lord of karma or Cosmic Parent, bringing us very clear guidance on being mature, getting rid of bad habits and as my grandfather would say, knowledge about how to straighten up and fly right. Saturn, the planet of maturity, responsibility, commitment, karmic lessons and challenges, is in its home sign of Capricorn. This is serious! It has been almost 30 years since Saturn entered Capricorn – February 13, 1988.  We have changes coming in government, big business, corporations, leadership and leaders, anything involving bones, the skeletal system and teeth. You were alraedy told to release at teh end of autumn and prepare to restructure your life and make it more solid. Now you have no more time to dawdle. Now you will do it or break your own back (and maybe your teeth) with your inflexibility and hoarding. Not releasing will now backfire on you. NOw having structures that are solid and worthy will be your downfaall. However, diving willingly into making commitments, taking responsibility, doing hard work, building new structures, becoming a better leader, and implementing good habit with integrity will be rewarded with an upward climb in you professional and personal life.  Restructuring and maturely being responsible instead of hiding  and dodging the hard work, builds a strong present and future.

No more ego. No more blaming others for your limitations and losses. No more whining. Buck up and climb up. Don’t do wrong to others. If others do you wrong, move on and keep climbing.

Your Specific Saturn Lesson

the shift we have all experienced in the last day since it occurred on December 20, 2017 as Saturn changed signs and ingressed its home sign of Capricorn is easy to see in some specific area of your life. Wherever Capricorn s in your natal chart shows where you must now become accountable, follow through on commitments and be responsible. Every time you do not you will cause yourself loss. That loss will show up sooner or later and when it hits you will regret it. really hones in on the the areas where each of needs to take accountability. No one escapes Saturn’s lessons and in Capricorn they will be very pressurized. In fact, when you find yourself under painful pressure it is because you are not doing what is right. WHen it is merely hard, you are doing what is right and will eventually be rewarded. The painful uncomfortable  or unpleasant truth, task or situation is the Cosmic Parent, Saturn, growing you!

Saturn Reveals Your Purpose

Where Saturn moves, you learn how to structure your path to reach your ambitions and goals — and you learn if you goals are valuable and lasting ones worthy of pursuing. Whatever is not falls away. Saturn teaches you to ground yourself. build yourself up, act with inner authority, use structures and authority well to succeed. Integrity counts with Saturn.

My 5th house of creativity fell under Saturn’s rule since late 2015. My creativity was under deep challenge. I did manage to write a leadership  and transformation guides, write and publish my first children’s book, start creating and producing online courses,  learn and integrate social media with my journalism and writing background, refine my life strategy practice and restructure my Empowered Life, Empowered Woman and Here be Dragons/Empress Advantage programs. I also got come business coaching that pulled it all together for me  (thank you Lisa Sasevich!).  But Saturn choked my Part of Fortune and money dried up as well as my sense of being able to be creative. I became a bit fearful of taking risks professionally. I was dying inside afte rthe death of my brother and illnesses of my mother. I felt very alone, very cold and dried up of my creative juices in life. I had to learn to confront my fears and be realistic about how I was constantly being too hard on myself and taking on other’s burdens and healing when I needed to pull back and focus on myself and my healing so my creative juices could flow — making me a better and more effective leader. I told myself that it would be over at the end of 2017 and I would surely survive and thrive again one day. That day has arrived, this week. I released the dark and deadened thoughts of being forever limited and waited for the light to shine again in my life. With the Winter Solstice, the light has returned. I have spent the last year, and especially the last four months, diving deep into slef-compassion and patience. I have been rewarded. This is all to say, I understand Saturn very well, so I can teach you about it.

Life is no longer on fire or a smoking fire. We live now in a time of Saturn in a Cardinal Earth sign. Leadership is now at the forefront. We must all get real, get grounded and get right. Be mature. Be true leaders. If we try to be bullies, we will find ourselves in a painful place sooner or later. Our hoped for gains will become losses.

Seeing For Miles and Miles

Once you know where Saturn is transiting and how it will affect any planets in your natal chart during the transit, you can carve out your clear path to your destination. That is, you will know where you will be limited and generally how, before it happens. You can make conscious choices to make immediate changes and build your life with solid action, structure and goals. You can be consistent and determined. Cardinal energy calls for leadership, action, goal-setting and goal-achieving. A Capricorn with a Pisces Rising would do well to not let the escapism, avoidance, deceit and passive-aggressive low octaves of Neptune cause them to lie, avoid keeping commitment and evade responsibility.  Saturn in Capricorn does not play like that and will be kicking in your door to let you know you are going nowhere fast until you get your life right. That sounds harsh but Saturn is a harsh taskmaster when it needs to be. This is REAL astrology, not mumbo jumbo fluff.

In the Mundane World…

We will see Saturn in Capricorn in action in our everyday life. It is no coincidence that the largest tax bill in 30 years was passed on the Winter Solstice as  Saturn entered Capricorn.  It benefits the wealthy government leaders and big corporation leaders and deprives the middle class and poor. There will be serious backlash on those wealthy leaders for passing it. This is a serious matter. The President of the United State will be called to account in more ways than he is expecting. The last time Saturn conjuncted the Sun on the Winter Solstice as it did for this ingress into Capricorn, was 1664.

Here is what you must do:

  1. pay attention to world news, especially economic changes
  2. determine what you must do to goround yourself, be realistic and grow
  3. restructure your identity, purpose and goals
  4. discipline yourself

Travel Troubles and Communication Chokeholds

Mercury in Sagittarius is at its last few days during this Saturn in Capricorn ingress. It is a time to make backup plans and be reflective. Not to talk and move without thought, but to turn inward. It is a time to read, take in information, plan and move carefully and slowly. There really is no need to make your life stressful if you think and plan.

Mercury stations direct on Friday, December 22, 2017 at 8:51 EST at 23 Sagittarius.   Venus changes signs  and enters 0 Capricorn on December 25, 2017 at 12:26 AM EST.  Get real about relationships, about LOVE and MONEY and your VALUES.

Tell yourself the truth, however painful and do the uncomfortable thing to commit so you can fill the void of whatever is lacking in your life in LOVE, MONEY and VALUES. You will then achieve what you want.

Following My Own Advice

So I began this with how I decided to navigate this holiday season. Well, for the first time I decided to take my advice in full. With Mercury in Sagittarius, some challenging transits and aspects with Venus and Mars,  and Saturn entering Capricorn on the Winter Solstice, I realized it would be a bumpy holiday season. I looked at all the signs and I decided to avoid holiday traffic by flying to where I would spend the holiday before the holiday travel season began. I got halfway to the airport and had to turn around and go back because I forgot something. However when I arrived, I had no security line, no TSA check and although my flight was delayed (LOL) I arrived well and have had a great holiday thus far. I will see my mother on Christmas Day for the first time in many years. I have been reading books, watching holiday movies, and spending time with dear family. While I have worked some online, I am not under daily pressure and I am not caught up in holiday consumerism and madness. I am not distressed and frazzled. I planned out a smooth ride and I am enjoying it.

Order Your Saturn in Capricorn Report

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