New Membership Site

New Membership Site

Later this year we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Healing Universe. We have been online serving the Tarot community longer than any other Tarot website and we are one of the earliest astrology sites. Our purple and green/teal design and our focus on both astrology and Tarot as a growth and business tool have been copied but never surpassed in quality of service. We are about to undergo a website redesign/transformation in order to be of better service to those who use astrology and Tarot in their lives for guidance, personal growth and professional development.

We also have grown so much, serving so millions of people around the globe, that it has become necessary to create something that will better serve the global astrology and Tarot community.
The new community will be a membership program where I give you the tools, strategies, support, and community you need to be the kind of person and entrepreneur you want to be. You’ll learn ways you can achieve the kind of lifestyle, personal growth, business goals, income, impact, and fulfillment you desire, and we will support you in implementing them. We are re-imagining spiritually immersed and connected lifestyles and entrepreneurship together. 
We will also offer an exclusive VIP membership level to 10 people. They will receive personal advisor guidance on annual retainer for either 3 days a week ($18,000) or 7 days a week ($35,000). We have not taken on new VIP clients since 2006 so take advantage of this offer.
The Facebook group will become private and non-members will be removed so it can be a community of members with a safe private space to ask questions and discuss topics.

Early Bird Enrollment

If you would like to enroll early in the membership, you can save money!
Enroll on March 26 you can pay a one time lifetime membership fee of $599.
Enroll between March 27-March 31, you pay a one-time lifetime membership fee of $649.
OR you can wait and enroll April 1-30, pay a one-time membership fee of $249, then $19/month. Then we will close off early enrollment.
I am looking forward to seeing those who want to thrive spiritually in the Healing Universe community.


And in the meantime, order a consultation for your business, career or personal life!


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