Social Anxiety – July 4, 2016 – New Moon in Cancer

Social Anxiety – July 4, 2016 – New Moon in Cancer

Social anxiety is not only an individual mental illness; it is pervasive in the world right now where people are so dominated by social  media (Facebook etc) and the fear of not being liked. This New Moon in Cancer will help us overcome some of this.

Social Anxiety Disorder:  also called social phobia, is a form of mental illness classified as an anxiety disorder in which a person has an excessive and unreasonable fear of social situations. Anxiety (intense nervousness) and self-consciousness arise from a fear of being closely watched, judged, and criticized by others. A person with social anxiety disorder is afraid that he or she will make mistakes, look bad, and be embarrassed or humiliated in front of others.

socialanxiety-1New Moon July 4 2016 is at 12°53″ or in Sabian Symbols, 13 Cancer. It occurs at 4:01AM PST, 7:01AM EST, 1:01PM CEST in Central Europe. This brilliant New Moon aligns with Sirius and triggers Saturn square Neptune, in a positive manner! The New Moon in Cancer 2016 is so strongly connected to Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces that it will make creative magic: while fear, paranoia and intolerance will continue for at least another four weeks, Saturn square Neptune will empower you with tools to resolve a major problem area in your life associated with anxiety, guilt and fear. The learning and growth that results from this New Moon in Cancer could be just what the doctor ordered.

New Moon Meaning

A New Moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new 28 day cycle. Sun conjunct Moon opens the door for new opportunities and potentialities. You can plan for new things and put old habits, desires and beliefs behind you. But it is only the first two weeks of the New Moon period (in this case July 1-July 19) that you can make this magic happen. Put your energies behind what you want, especially around home and family, domestic life and nurturing yourself and others.  This is a powerful, potent, protective and positive New Moon in Cancer!!! The next fresh start is August 2, with a New Moon in Leo.

New Moon Conjunct Fixed Star Siriussocialanxiety

Fixed star Sirius at 14°18″ Cancer is well within orb of the New Moon in Cancer (which is at 12°53? Cancer). This bright star acts like  Jupiter-Mars, translating into success for whatever it touches. It bestows honor, renown, wealth and devotion. Sirius makes you want to get serious and be a guardian. It has a reputation for making custodians, curators and caretakers or guardians. This blessed combination of Sun and Moon with Sirius is a good omen for success in business, good friendship and domestic harmony.

New Moon Conjunct Mercury

Moon conjunct Mercury. The Cancer Moon can be quite clingy and nostalgic while Mercury is ready to move on to the next thing, the next conversation, the next thought. However they both share, in this sign, the desire to stay a little longer, to linger and see what might happen and flow with the tide. This could make for some lovely domestic changes as we make adjustments to create home and family in our lives or increase security around the home and family we have already established.

Sun conjunct Mercury is close enough for it to be combust. The challenge here is to have rational conversations that are not full of ego. There will be a conscious need to remember to compromise. It could be hard to be heard by authority figures and you may not be taken seriously. This can cause anxiety and fear of being ridiculed, but just go with it. In fact, take your power and control by laughing at yourself. In that humor, convey your message. It is a way of protecting yourself and Cancer is all about protecting itself.

Soothing Your Social Anxiety

With Neptune in Pisces many people have resorted to lies, manipulations and big drama to obscure facts and harm people. This is on a global and personal level. Then to make it worse, people socialanxiety-2have become paranoid about not being in the group anymore if they complain about or point out the bully, the unethical behavior or the problem. Often people would rather join in and create more lies or negative inferences in order to be one of the groups. People are afraid to be disliked. They prefer to throw a friend under the bus, rather than stand up for them in situations where they should stand for what is right. They are afraid they, too, will be bullied or ostracized. If you actually have the mental illness of social anxiety disorder, this exclusion or thought of it can result in a panic attack.

New Moon in Cancer will give you a chance to make the changes necessary for a new and fresh start with someone or in some situation.  You have created conflict or drama by leaving a certain problem to fester instead of dealing with it. Magical thinking (Neptune) will not resolve a problem. You cannot for example, give someone the silent treatment and then think the original problem you created by walling them out is forgotten and has not affected them. Now you must be willing to maturely face consequences and work through the problem. Who did you shut out and shut down instead of maturely dealing with them?

What unethical and immoral group have you silently stayed in, afraid that they would talk badly about you or exclude you if you spoke up about wrongdoing? How have you collaborated with gossip, lies and false behaviors rather than deal truthfully with matters because you were afraid it would make you stand out? What sex and intimacy have you avoided because you were afraid of performing badly? What are you afraid of? It could be a separation, setback or some disappointment which is made worse by guilt, worry, depression or paranoia. Have you allowed your psychological fears to be so strong that they have become debilitating, making it even more difficult to fix the problem? Saturn square Neptune will help you see that patience and focusing on the basics is required. You must take a practical (Saturn) approach and not be too pessimistic, yet do not be delusional (Neptune) or create unnecessary false drama (Neptune).

This New Moon in Cancer will empower you in making a fresh start in establishing some security for yourself. From that place of security, you can safely speak out even if someone does not like what you say.

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