New Moon in Cancer — June 22, 2009

New Moon in Cancer
Monday, June 22, 2009
9:35pm CET
1° Cancer 30’

One of my favorite times of the year is only a few days away — the Summer Solstice! This is the New Moon of the year that is absolutely gorgeous and exuberant with LIFE. I am expecially thrilled when I am able to spend this time of year here in my home in Denmark. It is always nice in my California (USA) home, but it is even more beautiful here in Denmark. We are so far north that the days are already long — with the Sun not setting until about 9:30pm at night and the remaining duskcontinuing until about 11:00pm. It is possible to frolick, walk, canoe, picnic, hang with friends, etc until……the next day! It is a perfect time for being out on the water canoeing and to camp in tents under the beautiful night sky! Oooh!

This New Moon marking the Summer Solstice is occurring at the crucial first degree of a sign so we are being asked to take some action! That particular action is to be kind to ourselves and protect ourselves (do not read that as over-protect!!) by being LOVING and KIND to ourselves. We are also to extend it to others. We are to do this actively by surrounding ourselves with loving people and situations.

This Sun/Moon conjunction in Cancer is in exact opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. If you know your natal chart, look to the two houses where these positions of Cancer and Capricorn are located and you will know how you can expect to be affected. The effects will be felt as early as Wednesday, June 17, and significantly more strongly from Friday, June 19. Venus in Taurus and Mars in Taurus are trine (a positive aspect) Saturn in Virgo so there will be an urge to express love and compassion in very practical ways. For example, in what ways can you reduce suffering and pain in your personal life or, your local, national or global sphere of influence?

Cancer and especially the Moon in Cancer represents the archetypal Mother and Saturn in Virgo represents the archetypal Father. Nurturance through taking responsibility is in the air.

Cancer is about mothering, smothering, nurturing, emotional security, and caregiving. All of these things occur within ourselves and in our relationships. This New Moon is a perfect time to find a path of healing for yourself and for you and another person to work on healing your relationship if it is in need of some TLC. Saturn in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn will empower you to look at things realistically, find the places where you steered off-course and speak the truth about them The Sun/Moon in Cancer can help you do it with love.

It is possible to create relationships incorporating nurturing, respect, trustworthiness, personal responsibility, kindness, and independence with love,

This New Moon in Cancer at Summer Solstice is calling us all to make time for each other in our homes and families — or to make time to create the home life and family life you desire if you do not have one. Clean out the junk in your home — literally and figuratively.

Under this New Moon in Cancer you can begin releasing old defense mechanisms and self-protective behaviors. Do you have significant Cancer or Capricorn placements such as your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Venus or Mars? Again, search your natal chart because these are areas where you will significantly feel this New Moon. Those with Sun, Moon and Ascendant are very likely to find there are some hidden defense mechanisms. Do you explode/rage/vent unfairly at people you want to have a close relationship with — and then wonder why they keep pulling away from you? Ask yourself — why are you being defensive and self-protective? The answer is within YOU — it is not because the other person is doing something to you. Tale responsibility. If you want to have a reconciled and healthy relationship with someone who is pulling away from you — then YOU need to address YOUR issues, stop trying to make other feel guilty and responsible for your happiness, stop being defensive and sarcastic when they do not meet your needs, and learn to be truly giving without trying to guilt people into loving you. These behaviors do more harm than good!

If you need help unearthing these realities, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you mother others, do things for them, as a way to hide your own feelings of inadequacy and powerlessness?

  2. Do you threaten to stop loving others or being giving towards them if they do not stay focused on you?

  3. Do you become cold, nasty and explosive (screaming at them and/or storming off in a huff) towards other people? Have yo done this more than once in a relationship with someone?

  4. Do you keep an iron grip on unhealthy relationships because you feel unworthy of anything better?

  5. Do you seek love as a way to fill an inner emptiness?

  6. Do you crave attention and get a thrill from the neediness of others?

  7. Do you tolerate abusive relationships? Do you stay with someone who hits you due to financial fear or fear or not finding anyone else for a relationship? Are you calling such such an abusive relationship “love” and making excuses for the abuser?

With Pluto in Capricorn figuring significantly in this New Moon Summer Solstice, the issue of emotional explosions and power plays will be prominent. If you are on the giving end of the explosions and attempts at being dominant and powerful over someone, STOP IT and apologize to the person for present and pasta abusive behaviors. Seek help elsewhere to change these feelings and actions if you need it. If you are on the receiving end of these behaviors, MOVE AWAY from the person to wisely protect yourself and then explain that if it does not stop, there can be no relationship.

Cancer and Capricorn are cardinal signs, meaning their energy expression is one of wanting to be in charge, to be first. Pluto is where we can experience intense jealousy and deep fears (our dark side). But we must learn to curb extreme expressions of this. With Pluto in Capricorn, it is challenging (although possible). Look to where you have the signs Cancer and Capricorn and the planet Pluto in your natal chart to get a clue about where you are acting out these behaviors. Saturn in Virgo asks you to also look at where it is transiting in your chart to provide clues as to where you need to de-clutter or clean our bad behaviors and look at life more realistically. It shows where you are being asked to take responsibility in life and how. For example, are you a Cancer Ascendant or Capricorn Ascendant and find that you express strong emotional outbursts at unwitting people to protect yourself emotionally instead of expressing calmly and very clearly what you would like? Are you expecting them to read your mind and stay energetically focused on you and your life and to feel that their needs and lives are inferior to your life? Are you unwilling to let someone else be in the spotlight and/or to admit someone is better than you at something?

Here is an even more provocative question: Do you try to have a relationship with demanding, possessive, controlling, power-hungry people like this who try to suppress your abilities and talents (make you inferior to them), and who use you for their explosive venting?

Lastly, I would say to you that this New Moon is one to work with your intuition. When you remove the self-protective and defensive behaviors, you can hear Spirit more clearly. Use the symbols of the Tarot (Moon, Queen of Cups, King of Cups), or the calming influence of a body of water (lake, ocean, pond), or meditation to connect with Spirit and hear the message.

Then, get out there and ACT! Do what is the right thing to being healing and nurturing to yourself and to your relationships. Then you will have true power, because real love, without manipulation, is POWERFUL.

To your success!!

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