New Moon in Capricorn – January 8, 2008

What an extraordinary New Moon to start 2008! If you are ready to make the most of 2008, now is the time.

This is the best New Moon of 2008 for goal-setting, initiating projects, and making serious commitments for successful achievement.

This first New Moon of 2008 is framed by strongly supportive placements. This year the Sun and Moon in Capricorn are joined by faithful, expansive and optimistic Jupiter in Capricorn, so there is support for believing in the plans you are making. Saturn, which rules Capricorn, is in retrograde in Virgo at present, bringing both a demand for and a tendency towards detailed, careful focus and thought in all our decision-making. On this New Moon there are also two energies alongside Capricorn working to boost the effects of this New Moon, and they come from Sagittarius and Aquarius. Venus and Pluto in Sagittarius lend optimism and faith to your goals. This is because Venus Sagittarius (the heart of generosity) and Pluto in Sagittarius (transformation through growth) highlight our personal goals and their connection to the evolution and quality of the future of humankind. A line-up in progressive Aquarius empowers it even more: Mercury (progressive thinking), Chiron (awareness of wounds and healing), and Neptune (spirituality). This energy adds a visionary ability to dream and see beyond the materials as you are setting your goals. Mars in Gemini has slowed in its current retrograde motion and we are all feeling the effects of it as we find ourselves more carefully watching what we communicate and how we communicate it. Uranus in Pisces is forcing us to stay shockingly focused on the global environment and peacemaking by presenting us with the shocking news of how our consumption affects our planet Earth.

The archetype of Capricorn is the Sea Goat, which is actually the mountain goat. Mountain goats climb steep hills with a sure steadiness and do not fall off the side of the mountain. They eventually reach the top through determination. Capricorn qualities are: big-hearted, deeply caring of others, desirous of motivating and teaching others, possessing of stamina, committed, focused, driven, courageous, hard-working, responsible, goal-oriented, a strong leader, and loyal. Capricorn is also ruled by Saturn, a planet with a strong reputation, even among those who do not know a lot about astrology.

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is classically associated with conservatism and fear. Yet, fear can actually be a great motivator. Capricorn is the sign which best symbolizes the ability to identify fear, overcome it, and attain success because of it, not in spite of it. Use this New Moon to acknowledge your fears, and face your fears in a positive manner. Make fear a life coach who motivates you to success.

Like deceased musician James Brown was the hardest working man in show business, Capricorn is the hardest working sign in the zodiac. A realist at heart, Capricorn defines itself by being a self-sufficient and dedicated worker who keeps an eye on the goal and never wavers from it. With its ruler in detail-oriented and conscientious Virgo, this New Moon is the time when you must get real about your goals. No more empty promises of accomplishing something once you get this or that other things or future fantasies. Under this New Moon in Capricorn, focus on what you can obtain now:

  1. Brainstorm what you want to achieve, write the steps you must take to achieve it and then commit to patiently following each step no matter how hard it is and no matter how long it takes.
  2. Take the work you can get now and trust that it will be the right step in getting your dream job in the future.
  3. Work with what you have now and stop fantasizing about what you do not have but wish you did.

Saturn, deeply connected to tradition and security, does not like to take risks. This New Moon empowers some profound intuitive internal thought about what you actually need to achieve financial success and security. We are told we cannot make a good financial living doing what we love. The truth is you will be financially secure as well as spiritually and/or creatively successful if you believe in yourself and work hard at what you love. You must be judicious about spending, and do without or do with less. We must make the sacrifices necessary to not follow the crowd.

The occurrence of Sun, Moon and Jupiter in Capricorn trine (a favorable astrological aspect) Saturn in Virgo translates into a prime opportunity for setting achievable and successful realistic financial goals and eliminating excessive spending. This is the New Moon to create a BUDGET and a commit to it. Capricorn spends conservatively, shrewdly and sometimes not at all. Do you really need the thing you are about to buy? Is it beyond your basic housing and shelter needs? How can you spend less and what do you really not need? If we are honest what ourselves, it is many things.

How can you do this? Start practicing Zen and the Art of Shopping to become conscious of your consumption of materials things. Be aware of how you are mentally and physically when you shop. Pay attention! As yourself:

  1. Do I really need this?
  2. What other ways could I use this money I am about to spend?
  3. Can I put this money away for my future instead of spending it now?

Future Growth:
This New Moon in committed Capricorn is the New Moon to dedicate yourself to becoming responsible for your emotional and spiritual growth and the enlightenment our human community on Earth. The threat of global warming is real, as is destruction through the heartless, thoughtless, arrogant warfare based on discrimination by class, race, and ethnicity. A very few constantly take from the masses so that poverty is at nearly everyone’s doorstep through uneven distribution and over-consumption We must awaken and cease these things or for humankind there will be no future.

Full Moon Rising:
The two weeks after the New Moon, the Moon waxes to a Full Moon in Leo on January 22, 2008. This means that NOW is the most advantageous time to build the energy of your intentions. Plan to start taking take action on your New Moon at the Full Moon in Leo.

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