New Moon in Leo: August 2, 2016 – Good Times

New Moon in Leo: August 2, 2016 – Good Times

Tuesday morning August 2, 2016 is a brilliant, healthy, happy New Moon in Leo supported by Saturn in Sagittarius. A good time will be had by all.

New Moon With Heart

The exact New Moon arrives late in the morning on the West Coast, late afternoon on the East Coast (USA) and late in the evening in Europe. It occurs at  10° 57″ Leo.

New Moon in Leo 2016We have time after we awaken to decide on a plan if we have not already prepared, and then to implement it. In fact for those in Europe where it arrives at 22:45 PM CEST (Copenhagen), you can even put those plans into place on Wednesday morning. You must gather your courage and heartily take control of something  that makes your world bigger and more joyful.

The Moon is trine Saturn giving some stability to all the emotions that could normally float around on a Full Moon or New Moon. The Sun rules Leo and Leo in turn governs the ego, creativity, romance, children and the courage to take risks and do things that put ourselves out there. Whatever you can imagine or create on this day and in the following two weeks will be supported by the efforts (Saturn) made to place structures (Saturn) around them to make them materialize. Sagittarius adds a strong note of fun, openness, expansion and good old fun!

It is about putting on the mind of a child and being child-like (not childish) and drawing on your natural creativity so you can shine somehow.

New Moon in Leo: Commitment To Self

Things will not get out of hand because Saturn (restrictions) in Sagittarius (expansion) is restraining the ego and preventing excess (Sagittarius) while creating opportunity (Sagittarius). You must make a commitment (Saturn) to the  Self (Sun) to fully take advantage of this New Moon in Leo.

Saturn reminds you that everything is in your control and all that is required is your commitment to create and enjoy with some sense of responsibility. The Sun reminds you that you are important.

The Saturn-Neptune square loses some of its tension with this New Moon in Leo because the Sun is getting support from Saturn. It is a great day for water sports, long baths, dreaming, drawing, painting, writing, playing music and playing in general.

Mercury in Virgo will soon slow down and enter its retrograde pre-shadow on August 10 so analyzing things causes a sticky mind (you get stuck and lost in your thoughts); so avoid it by dropping the analysis and go with your intuition. Do what feels good and let that empathy loose. Your warmth will radiate outwards to others and touch whatever and whoever you touch.

Mercury Where do the new moon fall in your chart? How are you going to make it work for you?

Mars in Sagittarius

A few hours before, Mars, which has lived in Scorpio and pushed us on anger, intimacy, sex and money for eight months, ingresses Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. Oh, is this POWERFUL and FUN! It does square Mercury in Virgo so you must be prepared to DO something. Taking action to express your heart and creativity is important.

This is an EXCELLENT time in fact for making new babies, the ultimate creative act. Mars (sex) in Sagittarius (fun) will make it a joy to connect emotionally (Moon) and create and piece of yourself (Sun in Leo). What could be wrong with some good summer sex? Celebrate yourself!


Where does the New Moon in Leo fall in your chart? The strongest influence will be within a 3 degree orb so check your chart for 7-14 degrees Leo.

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