New Moon in Taurus – May 5, 2008

New Moon in Taurus
15º Taurus 22’
May 5, 2008
2:18pm CEST
Family. Home. Community. Love, Good sex. Good food. Money. Comfortable surroundings. Responsibility. Order and Organization.

These are all in play with this lunation in Taurus on May 5. Venus-ruled Taurus governs our commitment to be steady providers for those we love and care about, such as our families and communities. This lunation has not just the Moon but Sun and Venus in Taurus and that calls us to connection with Mother Earth. There is also a grand trine between Pluto in Capricorn, Venus in Taurus, and Saturn in Virgo (which has just returned to forward/direct motion on May 2) make it feel natural that we are bringing the world of organics and environmentally-friendly ways of living into mainstream. Saturn in Virgo is all about organizing ourselves and taking responsibility to heal ourselves and then, using what we have learned, the larger community or world. Pluto in Capricorn is all about being realistic in our transforming of our relationships and the world, especially around issue of business and finances. Venus in Taurus gives us the incentive to plant some flowers and be gentle we go, making showing that order, organization, healing and responsibility can also be beautiful, especially as reflected in our relationships.

Chiron in Aquarius and Neptune in Aquarius are playing strong roles in this New Moon, squaring Taurus and asking us to be real about the wounds that keep us from getting new starts; the wounds that keep us from being radical, original and progressive; the wounds that separate us from the local and larger community. In order to grow and live healthily we must be open and honest about letting everyone express their opinion and offer their gifts and talents. We cannot oppress and suppress others in order to put ourselves first – even if we do it in covert ways and even if we try to present the façade of being humble behind-the-scenes persons. Our ego is seen!

What can you do from May 5 until the Full Moon on May 19? There are many things you can do to get real about your world, to deal with your finances, to enjoy the good things in life, and to transform your work life:

Taurus likes what is real. Do things in a real way. Neptune in Aquarius can bring out the higher spiritual instinct in you or you may struggle with delusions, drugs, too much daydreaming, denial of reality etc and thereby obscure reality and all the positive ways in which you could be contributing to the world. A major delusion we are now undergoing is one in which focusing on the negative, aspects of the world (the problems) instead of the positive (the solutions) is becoming commonplace.

Instead of contributing to the negativity of the world regarding relationships, politics, the environment and business, do something positive:
  1. join a peace rally
  2. support the candidate you like by passing out flyers or making phone calls
  3. find ways to compliment your partner and bring her/him a fresh plant or flowers
  4. spend more time wit your lover learning to be a better sexual partner
  5. volunteer to help people in debt create budgets and improve their finances.

In fact, with Saturn in Virgo in motion, it could be that you may responsibly serve someone well not only by helping them with their budgeting, but in other ways:

Case study: A few years ago, a pre-Saturn Return male client of mine had a woman friend he dated but to whom he never committed despite thinking she was pretty, sexy, caring and intelligent and enjoying her company and thier conversations. It was under the influence of a New Moon in Taurus that May, that he finally committed emotionally and sexually to this woman he cared for. He was tired of the haphazard world of dating and irregular one-night stands and realized he wanted some stability. However, he was still fearful of committing to another person and any responsibility that would entail. He decided to approach it both emotionally and “practically” by telling her he wanted to take their relationship further and asking her to move into his home, so that she would no longer need to spend money on rent and could use it instead to pay off her bills. She moved in with him a month later in June. She was able to pay off her debts and significantly add to her retirement savings (which impressed him), and to create the beautiful home she always wanted to create (which meant he benefited from her decorating, cooking and stable organization of their social life) and he became noticeably happier. During this time he opened up to her emotionally and allowed himself to admit his love for her and to be loved by her. Their living together thus became more than a benevolent financial arrangement. They became engaged nearly a year after she moved in and set a wedding date for the following summer. She was then able to contribute to a joint fund for their wedding and her secret wedding gift to him was to pay for a surprise side-trip during their honeymoon to a place she knew he always wanted to visit (which he really enjoyed!).

Speaking of finances, this New Moon in Taurus is a prime time to get your finances in order using a realistic plan. Examine how you meet your daily needs and look at the lifestyle you desire to live. Decide what makes you happy and what you can do to achieve it that is responsible. Make practical financial goals, commit to a budget (meaning live within your budget!) and create a savings/investment plan. Taurus calls for a moderate, even approach to finances so that when there are lean times, one is not affected and can still enjoy luxuries. Like the lesson of the fable of the ant and the grasshopper, be moderate and save during the abundant times and sit back and enjoy during the lean times.

Venusian Taurus is all about enjoyment and it a good thing to enjoy working at what you love – and it helps you fund the budget you have made! If you are not doing work you love, brush off the CV and apply for new jobs under this New Moon. You should hear a promising response by May 19. (But be cautious about starting any new job between May 26-June 19, the next Mercury Retrograde).

And finally, but not in the least, use this New Moon in Taurus to indulge in sensuality and sexuality as only Taurus can do! Take that luxurious bubble bath, spend an afternoon getting a manicure and pedicure, enjoy some loving, fun, and intense sex with your partner, eat a delicious meal, drink some good wine.

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